/The Most Iconic Twitter Reactions To Miley Cyrus’s *Very* Revealing SNL Outfit

The Most Iconic Twitter Reactions To Miley Cyrus’s *Very* Revealing SNL Outfit

Miley Cyrus fans are currently losing it over her incredible outfit choices after the singer made a very revealing appearance on SNL alongside ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ collaborator Mark Ronson.

The 26-year-old has broken fashion rules since forever, which is why we shouldn’t be too surprised that she put on the performance of her life in a totally open blazer. 

Miley Cyrus's very revealing SNL outfit inspires hilarious tweets


As much as people loved the bold ensemble, a good portion of fans were bewildered about how her jacket never slid off her shoulders and exposed more than she wanted. To that we say, double-sided tape is a wonderful thing.

Aside from the fact that her vocals were absolutely on-point, a bunch of Twitter users came through with hilarious responses to her jacket.

“How in the world is @MileyCyrus wearing that coat with no shirt underneath and not having one nip slip  #brave #SNL,” one person wrote.

Another pointed out that the faith Miley has in her personal stylist’s sticky tape skills is unparalleled: “I have never trusted anything in my life as much as @MileyCyrus is trusting that double-sided tape. #SNL.”

As someone else said: “Miley Cyrus’s nipples are holding on that jacket the way my soul is holding onto my sanity. #SNL.”

More people were worried about the stress levels of the person in charge of censoring any escaped nipples, with the overall consensus being that only Miley could ever pull off this ensemble without looking like she couldn’t be bothered to iron a shirt.


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