/Holly Hagan Shares Screenshot Of Her First Ever Texts With Jacob Blyth

Holly Hagan Shares Screenshot Of Her First Ever Texts With Jacob Blyth

Geordie Shore babe Holly Hagan and Jacob Blyth are usually pretty private about their relationship, but they’ve recently been letting their fans in on their romance over on Instagram.

On Sunday night, Holly took to the app to reveal how she and the footballer have stuck by each other through ‘the most difficult year’, before answering a bunch of questions about their journey.

Play the video to see Holly show off her impressive twerking skills…

When one fan asked who made the first move, Holly took things to the next level and shared a legit screenshot of their first ever Whatsapp conv. 

And it was our lass who sent the first message, a caps lock “HELLO” at that.


Lord knows if you want your man, you better go get him girl.

It also turns out that their meeting in Ibiza wasn’t the first time Jacob saw Holly, as he’s a bit of an OG Geordie Shore fan.

But did he fancy Holly back in the day? Not quite.


“I fancied my big toe more,” Jacob jokingly replied when Holly said: “You’re telling me you didn’t fancy me with red hair?”

Holly was fit back then, but the glow up has been unreal.

Jacob also revealed that his fave thing about Holly (other than the bum and boobs) is the fact she’s a lovely person and has decent banter.

And that banter fully came through when a fan asked Holly how this relationship is different to ones she’s had in the past.

Her response…


Earlier on, Holly opened up on Instagram about the difficult year they’ve had.

“It’s been the most difficult year for so many reasons, a million and 1 setbacks and when we thought it couldn’t get any worse it did ?,” she wrote.

And the lass went into a little more detail on her story: “The bad things were work and injury related, nothing to do with us as a couple we’ve never let it effect our relationship.”


The footballer was unable to play for 18 months due to a shoulder injury, but he’s recently been able to prove his skills on the pitch again.

Jacob also hinted that Holly will have to “wait and see” when he’s gonna put a ring on it, which is actually pretty promising.

He might be a striker on the pitch, but we’d say she’s found herself a keeper.

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