/All the Details on Brad Pitts Holiday Plans With His Kids

All the Details on Brad Pitts Holiday Plans With His Kids

Brad Pitt


It’s been a busy year for Brad Pitt.

From Ad Astra to Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, the 55-year-old actor has starred in a number of projects this year. But will the A-lister get to enjoy a little rest and relaxation with his loved ones this Christmas?

“Brad will spend part of the holidays with the kids in L.A.,” a source told E! News. “He will see them for his birthday and for Christmas Eve. It’s the same arrangement they have had recently. The kids will come over to Brad’s house and spend the day with him. They have some traditions where they eat and exchange gifts. They play music and just hang out. Brad always wants to make it special for them and loves to see the excitement in their eyes. He tries to get them thoughtful gifts and something for them to experience. The most important thing is just being together and being a family. He’s excited to see them and have them be with him at home. That’s really the only thing he wants.”

It’s unclear if all six kids—Maddox (18), Pax (16), Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), Knox (11) and Vivienne (11)—will be in attendance. While a source said all of the children are invited, “probably only the three youngest will go.”

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