/Noah Cyrus Says She’s “Just Friends” With Tana Mongeau Despite Dating Claims

Noah Cyrus Says She’s “Just Friends” With Tana Mongeau Despite Dating Claims

Noah Cyrus has insisted that she’s “just friends” with Tana Mongeau after people jumped to the conclusion that they might be in a relationship.

For anyone who spent yesterday living under a rock, Tana left fans feeling confused when she referred to Noah as her “girlfriend” in a YouTube video. Despite having an open marriage with Jake Paul, she’d previously insisted that she’d prefer it to be exclusive.


As you can imagine, plenty of people took Tana’s “girlfriend” claim at face value and assumed that she and Noah were lowkey dating with the approval of Jake. 

But, Noah has now taken to Instagram to completely deny those claims, writing: “guysssss. we are FRIENDS relaxxxxxxxxx.”


As for Tana, she announced just yesterday that she’ll be going on a break from social-media: “I wanna have a conversation with someone without thinking about the internet for five minutes,” she wrote.

Speculation about her marriage may have played a part in her decision to step back from the platforms, after Jake posted an image of himself with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet to promote a track he’s seemingly written about her titled ‘These Days.’

Tana has insisted that she isn’t throwing any “shade” at anyone by deciding to go offline, writing that she wants to “advocate for authenticity and mental health awareness” and pointing out that she needs a break from her life being documented online. 

Glad that’s been cleared up.

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