/Offset Shares Graphic Video Of Cardi B Giving Birth To Kulture

Offset Shares Graphic Video Of Cardi B Giving Birth To Kulture

Footage of Cardi B giving birth to her and Offset‘s daughter Kulture has been shown in a promotional video for Migos’ upcoming album.

Serving as further evidence that the married couple are back on track after their split, it seems that Cardi gave Offset the OK to use footage of the moment their baby came into the world.

At least, we sure hope she did.

The video starts off pretty casual, with footage of the rapper in the studio and performing on stage.

But things take a turn for the emotional when Cardi B can be seen screaming in labour, while Offset watches with a look on his face that can only be described as sheer terror tbh.


The pair welcomed their daughter Kulture Kiari in July last year, and since then they have both taken measures to keep their daughter shielded from the spotlight.

But we guess now they’re ready to share their journey into parenthood with the world.

The use of the powerful footage has been met with a mixed response to say the least, with some fans questioning Offset’s decision to use it to promote his music.

And as if all that drama wasn’t enough to deal with, Cardi B fans are losing their shiz now after the rappers Instagram has disappeared entirely.

It’s not completely clear what spurred the ‘Money’ rapper to say goodbye to her Instagram account, but it came after she shared a video of her ranting about the reaction to her Grammy win.

Come back, Cardi!

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