/Tiffany Youngs Lips On Lips Is A Playful Valentines Day Surprise

Tiffany Youngs Lips On Lips Is A Playful Valentines Day Surprise

Tiffany Young‘s lips don’t lie. The pop star dropped her latest single, “Lips On Lips,” just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the melodic love song boasts a playful trop-pop beat and Young’s breathy vocals as she implores a lover to “put your lips on my lips.”

Co-written by the “Born Again” singer, “Lips On Lips” was inspired by Young’s own idea of a fairytale kiss with someone special. “I wanted to focus on romance and the sweet and special intimate moment in a kiss,” she said in a statement. “Spreading love for ALL, and I hope Valentine’s Day is ‘Lips On Lips’ day for everyone.”

“Lips On Lips” is the title track off Young’s first U.S. EP, slated for release on February 22. Lips On Lips marks a new page in Young’s story. Having found fame as a member of legendary K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation — the group debuted when Young was just 17 years old — the Korean-American singer is now doing things on her own terms.

Young, now 29, is focused on shedding more than a decade of pop-star polish and introducing herself to U.S. audiences as a confident female solo artist who’s unafraid to bare her soul. The moody pop song “Born Again,” the first single off Lips On Lips, found Young absolving herself of her painful past; while “Lips On Lips” is a little cheeky, as Young candidly tells a romantic partner exactly what she wants.

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“I’m experimental [as fuck] right now, but I’m also feeling fiercer than ever,” Young recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “This just felt like the right mood. Dark, edgy, romantic, raw. I’m just feeling liberated. This is my most honest and authentic self.”

And her fans are already loving this new era. Young’s Lips On Lips North American Mini Showcase Tour kicks off March 3 in Toronto, and it’s already sold out.

To hear about Young’s career journey in her own words, check out her episode of MTV News’ Homecoming.

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