/Charli And Dixie D’Amelio’s Mum Opens Up About Their Upcoming Reality Show

Charli And Dixie D’Amelio’s Mum Opens Up About Their Upcoming Reality Show

Heidi D’Amelio has shared some information about her family’s upcoming reality show.

In a conversation with ELLE, Charli and Dixie’s mum hinted that it might be some time before fans get to tune into the programme: “We haven’t started filming [our show] yet. The groundwork is still being put together.”


She continued: “From what I understand, because we’ve never done this before, once it starts, it’s really going to take off. We’ve had conversations about filming and when the cameras are and are not going to be around.”

When asked if she’s worried about giving up some of her privacy, Heidi replied: “I don’t know if I have a fear about [doing a reality show], we’re all happy to let people see us and see who we really are.

“People think they know us and what we’re about, but they don’t. What they see on social media in little bits is not all of who we are.”

She added: “Every time we walk out the door, we’re being filmed. So to have a little bit [of] control over what’s being said about us and who we are is important for us.”

In the same discussion, she said her daughters still ask for her opinion if they’re unsure about posting something: “Whether it’s Instagram or TikTok. I turn it back on them, like, ‘If you’re asking me this, what are your concerns?’”


Here’s hoping the D’Amelios start filming soon because we can’t wait for the first episode.

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