/Dixie D’Amelio On Why She Deleted A Clip Of Her New Song From TikTok Amid Criticism

Dixie D’Amelio On Why She Deleted A Clip Of Her New Song From TikTok Amid Criticism

Dixie D’Amelio has explained why she deleted a snippet of new song One Whole Day from TikTok after some people were critical of the track’s production and lyrics.

In a video published on Shooting Stars TV, Dixie says she removed the teaser clip due to negativity online. She asks fans to offer “constructive criticism” about her music rather than posting cruel messages on social media.


“Okay so here’s what happened. The snippet, I don’t think anyone’s ever seen a trailer before because a trailer has a countdown and then the song. Everyone judged the song on the first five seconds, so I get it, but give constructive criticism.

“Don’t tell me to f***ing go to therapy for a song you don’t like,” she says, adding: “I’m going to continue doing the things that I like to do.”

The song, which features Wiz Khalifa and has been released in full today, includes the lyrics: “One day, one day, I was really, really, really, really sad.” 

Even though Dixie’s teaser clip has been deleted from TikTok, the audio for this particular line has now become a meme on the app. 


Back in June, Dixie released her first single titled Be Happy! At the time, she opened up to People about the song’s references to mental health: “I wanted to share the honesty of this message with others, especially those around my age.

“I remain so grateful for the people that surround me and the opportunities I’ve been given, but some days, as we all know, it’s not easy to be happy.”

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