/Welcome To Shaquille O’Neal’s 31,000 Square Foot Mansion In Florida

Welcome To Shaquille O’Neal’s 31,000 Square Foot Mansion In Florida

Shaquille O’Neal is. a towering figure on the basketball court, and thanks to his skills in the NBA, his keen business sense, ad his foray into acting, he has been able to rake in quite a few dollars. He spends his money on nice cars, exotic animals, and huge, opulent houses including his mega mansion in Florida.

His Florida estate includes 31,000 square feet of living space sitting on three acres. It includes a 1,170 square foot great room, a 6,000 square foot indoor basketball court, a 15-feet-deep pool, a 17-car garage, and so much more.

A Pool On The Water


Of course, Shaq’s mansion has a pool. What kind of mansion doesn’t have a pool? But this isn’t just any pool. Shaq’s pool has an ocean view. This pool has a winding shape that’s more aesthetically pleasing than a standard rectangle, plus it includes a spa and a shallow wading area for children.

Shaq is a tall man, so he needed a deep pool. That’s why his pool is 15 feet deep. That way he can fully submerge his 7-foot body in the water.

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