/Shawn Mendes Reveals How He And Camila Cabello Are Spending Christmas

Shawn Mendes Reveals How He And Camila Cabello Are Spending Christmas

Shawn Mendes has opened up about how and Camila Cabello will be spending the Christmas holidays this year.

In an interview with People, he says they’ll be celebrating the festive season in his Canadian hometown of Pickering alongside their new puppy Tarzan and Shawn’s immediate family.


“Camila’s coming with me, and we’re going to be quarantining in my parents’ house — so back in my childhood bedroom. And we’ll be with my immediate family. I haven’t looked forward to something so much in so long — it’s really like counting down the minutes.”

In the same interview, Shawn spilled some cute details about his connection with Camila, saying: “She is so unapologetic [about] diving into love, and she really taught me what it is to be vulnerable and honest and true in a relationship.

“She’s really so brave and courageous in love,” he adds. “I’m constantly learning from her.”


The couple have spent a large part of the year quarantining together in Miami amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Voicing his hopes for 2021, Shawn has his fingers crossed that he can return to touring soon.

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“I’m obviously hoping coronavirus can start to make its way out and we can get back and play some shows because I’m dying to see everyone’s face in person again,” he says. “And no more Zooms!”

Now that’s something we can all get behind.

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