/This Is Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Florida Mega-Mansion

This Is Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Florida Mega-Mansion

Shaquille O’Neal is known for his large stature, imposing basketball skills, and massive car collection. But there’s one other larger-than-life aspect of Shaq’s legacy: his real estate holdings including this Florida mega-mansion that he owned until recently. The staggering estate includes 31,000 square feet of living space sitting on three acres. It includes a 1,170 square foot great room, a 6,000 square foot indoor basketball court, a 15-feet-deep pool, a 17-car garage, and so much more. Read on to see all the amenities that Shaq enjoyed in this home.

A Pool On The Water


Of course, Shaq’s mansion has a pool. What kind of mansion doesn’t have a pool? But this isn’t just any pool. Shaq’s pool has an ocean view. This pool has a winding shape that’s more aesthetically pleasing than a standard rectangle, plus it includes a spa and a shallow wading area for children.

Shaq is a tall man, so he needed a deep pool. That’s why his pool is 15 feet deep. That way he can fully submerge his 7-foot body in the water.

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