/Jazz Jennings: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Jazz Jennings: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Jazz Jennings: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
Jazz Jennings Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

TLC star and YouTube personality Jazz Jennings tells Us about her life … and all that jazz! Read on to learn the 18-year-old’s favorite movies, hobbies, and more.

1. I wear tie-dye almost every day.

2. I’ve always loved mermaids. When I was 8, I got a sewing machine and made my first fabric mermaid tail. When I was 12, I started my own business making silicone mermaid tails.

3. I love watching anime, and have watched more than 30 different anime shows.

4. I’ve been made into the first transgender doll.

5. I love drawing. I sketch an eye almost every day.

6. I have four cats, named Nemo, Luna, Leo and Dunkin. 7. I enjoy giving massages to all my friends and family. I’ve been told I have a gift.

8. My favorite food is anything chocolate. I love chocolate milkshakes!

9. I’m not afraid of bugs at all, and can hold spiders and cockroaches without flinching. At a sleepover party in sixth grade, I chased all the girls around the house with a cockroach.

10. I love to crack body parts ­— especially other people’s.

Jazz Jennings: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
Jazz Jennings on TLC’s ‘I Am Jazz.’ TLC

11. I have a phobia of wrist tendons (called carpophobia) related to my less severe venephobia [fear of veins].

12. I’m afraid of lizards, which sucks because I live in Florida, where they openly roam. I often find my cat Nemo bringing them back as a treat.

13. I sing constantly, and my song choices often reflect my current mood. When I’m not singing, my family knows something’s up.

14. I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old. When I was 8, I was banned from playing at the competitive level for two years because I was told I had an “unfair advantage” being transgender.

15. My first car was passed down from my dad to my siblings and then to me.

16. I love all Disney movies (who doesn’t?), but my top three are The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and, of course, The Little Mermaid.

17. I drink a ton of water — usually two gallons a day.

18. I played the first animated transgender child, Zadie, in Amazon’s Danger & Eggs [in 2017].

19. My favorite movie is [2012’s] Cloud Atlas.

20. I’m very spiritual and love meditating with crystals.

21. I’m ranked No. 1 in my graduating high school class.

22. My favorite shoes are Birkenstocks.

23. I started playing varsity soccer when I was in ninth grade and was awarded rookie of the year.

24. I love doing beautiful makeup, but hate wearing it.

25. I just completed filming Denim, a 20-minute movie about a transgender girl who’s bullied in high school.

I Am Jazz airs on TLC, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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