/Dane Cook ‘Can’t Wait’ To Have Kids With Fiancée Kelsi Taylor

Dane Cook ‘Can’t Wait’ To Have Kids With Fiancée Kelsi Taylor

As he celebrates the release of a new comedy special, Dane Cook has parenthood on his mind.

The comedian, 50, tells People that he “can’t wait” to start a family with fiancée Kelsi Taylor, 24.

“I’m just excited at the possibility,” he told the publication in an interview published Friday. “Her sister just had her second baby, and I love seeing her with the kid. She loves it, and I love kids. When the time is right, we’ll check it out.”

As to what kind of father he thinks he’ll be, the actor added, “I could see myself hopefully as the kind of dad that loves to listen, loves to be there, loves to collaborate, but still teach you to set those boundaries and only want to pull the best out of yourself.”

Cook proposed to Taylor, a fitness instructor, in July while the two were vacationing in York Beach, Maine. Though the couple has been dating publicly for five years, their engagement raised a fair share of eyebrows online, given that Cook is 26 years Taylor’s senior.

Dane Cook (left) and Kelsi Taylor.
Dane Cook (left) and Kelsi Taylor.

Matthew Simmons via Getty Images

The “Good Luck Chuck” and “My Best Friend’s Girl” star, however, has so far shrugged off the criticism. Apparently, he even jokes about the age gap on his latest stand-up special, “Dane Cook: Above It All,” released this fall.

“If we can’t laugh at it, then nobody else is allowed,” he explained to E! News last month.

Elsewhere in his People interview, Cook said he and Taylor don’t have a wedding date set yet, but have tentatively considered tying the knot in fall 2023. And as he envisions his future as a husband and father, Cook is fondly looking back on his time with his dad, George, who died in 2007.

“My dad was good at being the disciplinarian when he wasn’t being fun, and I go, ‘I think I’d be like that,’” he said. “My dad could be a no bullshit, no-nonsense, don’t be a talker, be a do-er.”

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