/Microphone Cardi B Threw At Fan Headed To Auction For 2 Heartening Causes

Microphone Cardi B Threw At Fan Headed To Auction For 2 Heartening Causes

Cardi B’s microphone, which she was filmed flinging into a crowd during a concert on Saturday, is about to do some good.

A viral video captured the Grammy winner performing her “Bodak Yellow” hit when a crowd member hurled a beverage at her. Cardi responded by chucking the microphone at that fan (it’s not clear in the video if she ultimately hit them). While this has since spawned a police report, it’s also about to change some lives for the better.

The now-coveted microphone was listed on eBay Monday by Scott Fisher, whose audio company apparently provided Saturday’s concert venue, Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, with equipment.

Fisher announced on Facebook that the mic’s sale could turn lemons into lemonade.

“I own the mic that Cardi B was nice enough to tomahawk at somebody that splashed some liquid on her a few days ago,” Fischer wrote. “After some encouragement from people I decided to auction it off with 100% of the profit going to split evenly among 2 charities.”

According to Fisher, donations will go to Friendship Circle Las Vegas and Wounded Warrior Project. The former connects volunteers to children with special needs, while the latter aids physically disabled or traumatized veterans.

The microphone is now valued at $90,900 on eBay, with more than 75 bids.

The otherwise standard piece of equipment is a Shure AD2 Axient Digital mic, which costs anywhere between $990 and $1,835. But Fisher assured potential bidders that this particular microphone is guaranteed to be the one used — and thrown — by a Grammy-winning rapper.

Cardi B’s thrown microphone is now set to make charities thousands.
Cardi B’s thrown microphone is now set to make charities thousands.

Evan Agostini/Invision/Associated Press

“We provided more than one microphone for this particular show and verified with the in house crew which one was specifically used by Cardi for the show,” Fisher wrote in the eBay listing. “It was pretty easy to identify though as her mic was marked ‘main.’”

“This is the mic that has been seen all over the country flying into the crowd after Cardi was splashed with some liquid,” he added. “The mic still works as I tested it when it came back to the audio shop this afternoon (July 31).”

Saturday’s incident followed a string of disruptive fan behavior at concerts in recent months: Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a cellphone in June, Harry Styles was similarly struck, and Pink was bizarrely tossed the cremated ashes of a fan’s mother.

While additional footage from Saturday showed both Cardi and her DJ urging the crowd to “splash her down,” the rapper was apparently mad that she was splashed in the face — rather than her nether regions, as instructed — with the liquid.

A woman who attended Saturday’s concert filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, saying she was hit with an object thrown from the stage. It’s not clear if she is the person who splashed the singer initially.

The eBay auction ends on Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 11:15 a.m. Eastern.

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