/Dianna Agron Addresses Rumor About Her And Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

Dianna Agron Addresses Rumor About Her And Taylor Swift Secretly Dating

Dianna Agron is setting the record straight about her friendship with Taylor Swift ― well, sort of.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Agron was asked about the decadelong rumor that she inspired the lyrics of the song “22” off of Swift’s 2012 album, “Red.” Speculation about the pair’s relationship began after Swift name-checked the “Glee” actor in the album’s liner notes.

“Me? Oh, if only!” Agron told the publication. “That’s more because of a friendship than being the inspiration for the song. But I would not be the person to ask about that. I cannot claim that!”

Agron and Swift began hanging out in 2012 and were photographed together at numerous events, including the 2014 American Music Awards.

After journalist Marlow Stern clarified that the two women had been “shipped,” or assumed to be in a secret romance by fans and celebrity media outlets, Agron simply shrugged off the implication.

Taylor Swift (left) and Dianna Agron in 2014.
Taylor Swift (left) and Dianna Agron in 2014.

Jeff Kravitz/AMA2014 via Getty Images

“That is so interesting,” she said. “I … I mean, there have been many stories about my dating life that are so wildly untrue. That’s funny.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Agron also addressed fervent speculation regarding her absence from a 2013 episode of “Glee” titled “The Quarterback.” The episode was dedicated to actor Cory Monteith, who died earlier that year at age 31.

Asked if there was any truth to the rumor that she’d been deliberately excluded from the episode, Agron told Rolling Stone: “Not true.”

“I think there are so many false pieces of information out there. That’s the weirdest thing that you have to learn in this industry — you don’t comment on things that are untrue, because that gives them more space,” she said. “Maybe at the end of my career I’ll write a book and go into detail on everything that was very true and very untrue.”

Agron will soon have much more material for her prospective memoir, as the actor seems poised for a major professional comeback. Her 2023 slate includes plum roles in Netflix’s “The Chosen One” and Hulu’s “Clock.” She’s also set to appear on the big screen alongside Thomas Haden Church in “Acidman,” a science-fiction thriller due out next month.

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