/Paulina Porizkova Acknowledges 58th Birthday By Sharing Nude Photo

Paulina Porizkova Acknowledges 58th Birthday By Sharing Nude Photo

Paulina Porizkova celebrated her 58th birthday this week by baring (almost) all.

On Monday, the supermodel shared of a photo on Instagram in which she appeared completely nude while sprawled out on her bed, with only a sheet draped strategically across her waist.

“I begin 58 with nothing but sunshine and a smile,” Porizkova wrote in the caption accompanying the sexy image. “And the hope that the best is yet to come, and nothing but gratitude for all that has brought me here to the now.”

By Tuesday afternoon, the image had received a plethora of comments from fans, as well as some of Porizkova’s famous friends.

“I love you so much. Happy birthday my sister,” wrote author Jennifer Pastiloff.

Added actor Christina Ricci: “You’re an inspiration.”

Porizkova, who is of Czech heritage, unveiled a memoir, “No Filter: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful,” last November.

In recent years, she’s made it a tradition to express her gratitude to fans with a thoughtful post on her birthday. Last year, she opted for a makeup-free selfie, writing: “57 and proud of it.”

“Age is in fact a number, the number of years we have been fortunate enough to be here to sample everything life has to offer,” she said at the time. “The number of years we have had to improve ourselves and by extension, the lives of those around us.”

Paulina Porizkova published a memoir last year.
Paulina Porizkova published a memoir last year.

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“Getting older is truly a wondrous thing,” she continued, “and none of us, ever, should be anything but proud of our number.”

Speaking to Elle magazine in 2007, Porizkova shared that she only began taking care of her physical health after turning 40, noting that her routine before that had mostly consisted of “just cigarettes and poor nutrition.”

“I always do everything the hard way,” she explained. “It takes me 20 years longer than everyone else. I started exercising to help with my panic attacks and to get off antidepressants. I found out if I worked out every day my anxiety was kept a lot at bay. And I felt better. So how great is that?”

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