/Kevin Costner Alleges Wife Is Defying Prenup By Not Moving Out During Divorce

Kevin Costner Alleges Wife Is Defying Prenup By Not Moving Out During Divorce

Kevin Costner wants his wife Christine Baumgartner, who filed for divorce last month, to move out of his Santa Barbara home.

“Christine has not moved out, despite multiple requests that she do so and despite Kevin’s offers to assist her financially in relocation to a new residence,” the actor’s legal team wrote in court documents, multiple outlets reported.

“Instead, Christine has taken the position that she will not move out of Kevin’s separate property residence unless and until Kevin agrees to various financial demands,” Costner’s lawyers wrote.

The documents, filed June 9 in Santa Barbara Superior Court, state that the couple’s 2004 prenuptial agreement gave Baumgartner 30 days to vacate the couple’s home — described as a pre-marital asset Costner purchased in 1988 — in the event of a divorce.

According to Costner’s lawyers, the prenup also required Costner to pay Baumgartner $100,000 when they married and again on their first anniversary, as well as $1 million in the event of a divorce, which they say he has done.

The court documents further state that the couple’s prenup required Costner to pay $200,000 to help Baumgartner buy a new home and pay property taxes and insurance for 1 year, although it is not clear if this has happened yet. Costner said in a declaration that he’s “willing to contribute as part of [his] child support obligation $30,000 per month for a rental house” and give Baumgartner a $10,000 “advance” for her moving costs.

While Baumgartner has yet to address the matter, a source told People in May that Costner “knew that Christine was unhappy,” and wanted them “to spend family time at their Santa Barbara home” with their three children — only for Costner to be too busy working.

“His absence has been very hard for her,” the anonymous insider told the outlet a few days after Baumgartner filed for divorce. “Christine doesn’t want him to throw himself into another project. He has been obsessed with filming ‘Horizon’ since last year. She wasn’t happy about it.”

Kevin Costner married Christine Baumgartner in 2003.
Kevin Costner married Christine Baumgartner in 2003.

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Costner claims that he “made it clear” when he and Baumgartner “began discussing marriage in 2003” that he wouldn’t tie the knot without her assurance that his “separate property residences” would remain in his name “no matter what happened,” and that she had agreed to those terms.

“I was married once before and, upon separation, I found myself without a home base and unable to live in my own home,” he reportedly wrote in the declaration. “I never wanted this to happen again. Because of the nature of my work, I am frequently out of town.”

Costner — who is exiting “Yellowstone” at the end of the current season — shares three adult children with his first wife, Cindy Silva, one adult son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney, and three kids with Baumgartner: Cayden, 16; Hayes, 14; and Grace, 13.

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