/Lupita Nyongo Is Not Surprised That Fans Think Shes Dated Janelle Monáe

Lupita Nyongo Is Not Surprised That Fans Think Shes Dated Janelle Monáe

Lupita Nyong’o is addressing speculation about a supposed romantic relationship with singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe.

In a piece published Monday in Rolling Stone, the Oscar winner said she gets why fans have wondered if the two were ever more than just friends.

“She has magnetism that they were obviously picking up on. She is that enigmatic,” Nyong’o said. “People are curious about enigmatic people.”

Dating rumors first took off when the pair met at the 2014 Met Gala in New York, shortly after the “12 Years a Slave” star landed an Oscar for her breakout performance in the acclaimed historical drama.

“[Monáe] came up to me and just gave me the realest hug,” Nyong’o told Rolling Stone. “We may have swayed to the music. She was just like, ‘I’m so proud of you, and just thank you for being you.’”

After that, the two quickly forged a close bond. So Nyong’o said she is “not surprised” by the speculation about her relationship with Monáe, and gushed that “I don’t mind being associated with her in any capacity.”

Nyong'o and Monae.
Nyong’o and Monae.

Donato Sardella via Getty Images

Elsewhere in the conversation, the “Black Panther” actor dished out props to her “extremely gifted” friend, who has taken up acting in recent years with 2022′s “Glass Onion” and other projects.

“It’s built into her spirit,” Nyong’o said. “It’s really cool to see her move from one thing to another and do it with such mastery.”

Despite their connection, Nyong’o also said she appreciates that Monáe — who is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life — keeps some things to herself.

“Just because you’re a close friend of hers doesn’t mean you get to know everything about her,” she said. “That’s what makes her interesting as an artist.”

Monáe, for her part, told Rolling Stone why she prefers to stay silent on topics like love.

“I have a policy and agreement with myself — that is a part of my life that I want to keep private,” the singer shared. “I’m not obligated to share my story. Nobody’s obligated.”

It’s unclear if Monáe, who became an LGBTQ+ icon after coming out as queer in 2018, is currently dating anyone. But she’s been linked to multiple other stars over the years, including “Thor” actor Tessa Thompson and her creative collaborator Nate Wonder.

Monáe’s latest album, “The Age of Pleasure,” is set to drop June 9.

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