/Geraldo Rivera Says Hes Not A Fan Of Larry David For 1 Reason — And It’s Petty

Geraldo Rivera Says Hes Not A Fan Of Larry David For 1 Reason — And It’s Petty

On Monday — the day after David’s HBO comedy,Curb Your Enthusiasm,concluded its 12-season run — Rivera explained in a post on X, formerly Twitter, why he’s “not a fan” of David or his beloved series.

“After 12 seasons, many viewers lament the passing of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Larry David’s sour, pseudo bio-series. I’m not a fan, because Larry truly is the self-righteous, snobby, self-loathing, narcissistic ass he portrays,” the former Fox News host began his post.

Rivera proceeded with his smear campaign by saying that his opinion of David is “informed” by a single encounter he had with the comedian at a birthday party for retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Dershowitz, who has been a member of defense teams for Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein at various points in his career, was friends with David, but the two eventually fell out due to Dershowitz’s association with Trump.

Rivera went on to say that once he “spotted” David at Dershowitz’s celebration, he “walked toward him,” hoping to strike up a conversation.

“Instead of making at least nominal polite contact, Larry ostentatiously avoided even looking in my direction,” Rivera wrote before describing an interaction that sounds like it’s straight out of a “Curb” episode.

Rivera is "not a fan" of David after an encounter they had at one of Dershowitz's birthday parties.
Rivera is “not a fan” of David after an encounter they had at one of Dershowitz’s birthday parties.

“He actually scurried about in theatrical panic, ducking behind other guests Groucho Marx-style as he made sure to keep a safe distance,” the former talk show host said.

Instead of coming to the logical conclusion that David just didn’t want to talk to him, Rivera jumped to a more self-aggrandizing explanation.

“I later found out from Dershowitz that it was because I worked at the time for Fox News, and was generally supportive of my old friend President Trump,” he wrote.

“Larry, who I’ve never met, apparently was taking his cue from the famous Fox-hater renting the big place next door. Visible through the bushes separating the properties, President Barack Obama refused to make the two minute walk over to Dersh’s place for the same reason, Fear of Fox.”

Rivera concluded his post by saying, “Now, every time I see Larry being rude, crude and intolerant on television, I say that’s him, that really is Larry David, and he’s not acting.”

If the point of Rivera’s post was to vilify David, it didn’t exactly work — and people on X were quick to give their interpretations of the interaction.

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