Exclusive Interview With Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini – Co-Hosts of Idol Tonight

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With only three contestants remaining, American Idol is heating up! Have U Heard had the pleasure of talking with the co-hosts, Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini, of  “IDOL TONIGHT”.

“IDOL TONIGHT” is one of TV Guide Network’s most watched and talked about series where hosts (former finalists) Kimberly and Justin provide fans with intimate interviews with the most recent eliminated American Idol contestant, as well as vocal coaches, and other “AI” insiders. TV Guide Network’s IDOL TONIGHT is the only exclusive American Idol pre-show and is telecast in front of a live studio audience each week. The finale is expected to be a huge live event!
“Idol Tonight: Live at the Finale” Premieres Wednesday, May 20 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Kim and Justin were great to interview. They have alot of insight into American Idol and have some very exciting projects going on.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Have U Heard: Do you think adding a forth judge, Kara, was a positive move?

 Justin:  Kara is a great addition to the judges panel. She has everyone’s strengths. She has been a producer, she is an artist, she is a writer.

Kim: What I love about Kara is she knows how to put Simon in his place. Anybody who has the guts to do that is an idol in my book.

Have U Heard: Is Simon the same on camera as he is off camera?

Justin:  He is very honest, very direct… He really is genuinely a nice and caring person. On the show he is doing his job which is to critique singing.

Kim:  I think AI wouldn’t be what it is today, it wouldn’t have persevered for eight years if it didn’t have Simon Cowell. I think he is the star of American Idol.

Have U Heard: Which judge do you think is usually on target?

Kim:  Over the past years I usually agree with Simon. Although, with Kara’s critiques this year I’ve really been on her side.   She is really honest and says everything that needs to be said and still remains positive.

Have U Heard:  What has been your favorite theme week this year?

Justin: Rock week and Rat Pack week.

Kim:  Yes I agree, Rat Pack week with Jamie Foxx mentoring, everybody really stepped up, he gave great advice, everybody gave a really solid performance.

Have U Heard: Do you think it is fair that Entertainment Weekly put Adam Lambert on the cover before the competition is over?

Justin:  One person on the cover … it is usually more balanced. The first season Kelly Clarkson, Tamyra Gray and I were on the cover. But everyone is wild about Adam.

Have U Heard: If Adam is a shoe in to win, what is the lure for America to tune in?

Kim: Danny has been a front runner from day one. I think it is going to be a really good show down between Danny and Kris to see who is going to the finals and try to fight out Adam. Adam being on the cover of EW might really rally Kris and Danny’s fans.

Have U Heard: How is the experience of co-hosting Idol Tonight?

Justin: So much fun, I’m in my third season, Kim is in her fourth season. It is so great to give back to the Idol audience that has given us some much. We have great guests… It is where Idol’s talk Idol.

Have U Heard: What was your best experience when you were contestants on Idol?

Justin: Big Band night, without a doubt.  I loved having the huge orchestra and being able to sing  jazz. I put out a jazz record, that’s how much I love jazz.

Kim: Singing, Come to My Window… I was really proud of that performance because Melissa Etheridge called me afterwards and congratulated me on my performance, for me that was the most memorable moment. 

Both Justin and Kim, along with co-hosting “IDOL TONIGHT’, have been very active in the entertainment industry since they each debuted on the early seasons of American Idol.

Kim Caldwell, is pursuing many areas of the entertainment which she talks about on her website Kimberly-caldwell.com.

Kimberly made her acting debut in the feature film, “Wrong Turn 2.” She recently filmed a mini-series where she will appear opposite John Schneider (“Dukes of Hazzard”). Kimberly will soon be seen as the host of the new MTV reality show, “P.Diddy’s StarMaker,” which is set to premiere in late 2009.   She is also the brand ambassador of the Fall 2009 YMI Jeanswear campaign.

Kimberly’s first love continues to be music and she is presently writing and recording songs for her debut album.

Justin Guarini latest endeavors can be seen on Justinguarini.com.

 Justin is currently recording his 3rd album.   He is also working on The JG Show( a working title), it is going to be 12 minute webisodes. It will include sketch comedy, musical performances and he is hoping it becomes a TV series. Justin is also working on Fancast, a one-stop online entertainment destination created by Comcast Corporation, where he is blogging about the current season of “American Idol”

For the latest on American Idol, tune into TV Guide Network’s Idol Tonight every Wednesday at 8 pm/ET and Idol Wrapevery Friday at 8 pm/ET with co-hosts Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini. Plus get more on your favorite Idols every Friday with American Idol Rewind at 7 pm/ET.

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