Audrina Patridge Bikini Beauty|Audrina Patridge (Photos)

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Audrina Patridge and her on-again for the moment boyfriend, Corey Bohan have been spending the week in Mexico with Audrina’s sister and her boyfriend.  From the photos – they seem to be having a romantic, fun-filled vacation.    I guess this means Justin Bobby is definitely out of the picture – at least for now?? (LOTS OF PHOTOS – AFTER THE JUMP)


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  1. TerriblyTexas says:

    Great pictures of Audrina in her absolute best bikini form! Slender, curvy, perfect! But as you point out that’s from 2009! Now in 2011 it’s like the Anderson fairy tale the “Emperor’s New Clothes” everyone is celebrating Audrina’s marvelous shape, but she has none. She sadly looks nothing like these pictures. She had her cleavage drastically removed. In 2011 Audrina is flat and shapeless. Why she removed her enviable, adorable shape to look less hot and plain is really curious. but she did. Thanks for the great memory of the glamorous Audrina who rocked our world before 2011.

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