David Letterman Admits to Having Sexual Relations With Staff Members

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WHAT!!  David Letterman having relations with staff members.  This is one story I would have thought would be fact or fiction.  Unfortunately – it’s fact. 

David Letterman told the audience of his late night talk show that he had sexual relationships with female members of his staff, and added he forked over a bogus $2 million check as part of an extortion plot on the matter.

Letterman told the audience in a matter of fact, comical manner about being blackmailed.   He didn’t tell the audience what he was being blackmailed for until the end of his announcement.  The audience laughed up until the part where he admits that he did have sexual relations with members of his staff to which the audience responded with 10 seconds of silence before clapping.

Worldwide Pants Inc., Letterman’s production company released the following statement,

This morning, I did something I’ve never done in my life,” Letterman told his audience, according to the statement. “I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury.”

During that testimony, Letterman acknowledged unspecified sexual relationships with staff members, the Worldwide Pants statement said.

“My response to that [allegation of sexual relationships] is, ‘Yes I have.’ Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would,” Letterman said. “I feel like I need to protect these people. I need to certainly protect my family.”

Letterman married longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko, several years ago.  The pair have a son, Harry Joseph Letterman.

It’s unclear from the Worldwide Pants statement when Letterman’s sexual relations with his female staffers occurred.

But according to the statement, Letterman received a package three weeks ago containing a threat to reveal those indiscretions “if Letterman did not pay the individual a large sum of money” — specified in a later communication as $2 million.

“Letterman said that he referred the matter to the Special Prosecution Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office,” the Worldwide Pants statement said, “which Letterman said conducted an investigation, which included his issuing a ‘phony’ $2 million check to the individual, and culminated in the individual’s arrest earlier today.”

The number one question on everyone’s mind is – was he married when the relations happened??  Staff members??  I am sure there will be more to come.  We’ll keep you posted!!

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