Desperate Housewives, ReCap, 10/25/09, ‘Everyone Ought to Have a Maid’

By on October 25, 2009


On tonight’s episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’ Mary Alice begins the episode by speaking about judging people.

“It is in our nature to judge the people around us.  We  judge the way strangers dress.  The way our neighbors tend their lawns and the way our friends act in public.  We make these judgements all the time – never thinking that one day we may be judged ourselves.”

After being accused of being a lousy parent when Juanita and her friend slide down the stairs in a suitcase – Gaby tries to prove that she is a responsible parent.  Gaby plays dirty to make sure that all of Juanita’s friends show up at her birthday party.  She makes sure they all know about the big bouncy house, the clown and the monkey.  The overtired monkey goes crazy and ruins the birthday party.  Of course – Gaby is still the lousy parent.

After two weeks in the hospital, Julie is finally home and calls it quits with her married boyfriend, Dominick (Danny’s father).  Danny found out that Julie and his father were a couple when Julie told Danny that she had a boyfriend and he followed her home.  He saw his father and Julie together.

Susan finds out that Katherine made a pass at Mike.  Susan and Katherine get into an argument at the neighborhood watch meeting when Susan accuses Katherine of being a loon and threatens her.

Bri and Carl continue their secret affair.  Bri was offended by the maid at the hotel that she and Carl frequent.  Bri confronts the maid about being judgemental.   The maid confesses that she too had an affair and lost everything – her husband, her boyfriend and is now cleaning hotel rooms for a living.  She asks Bri if she ever feels guilty and Bri confesses that she does feel guilty.

Lynette hires Roy as a handyman as a favor to Mrs. McClusky but then gets into an argument with Roy because he refuses to listen to her and defers all of the decisions to Tom.  Lynette fires him.  Tom confesses to Roy that he allows Lynette to control him because it makes her feel safe.

Susan accidentally shoots Katherine when Katherine is lurking around Susan’s house.  Katherine goes to call the police but Angie stops her and tells her to take the high road – Mike will appreciate it.

Tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives was all about judging the people around us – something that hits home for all of us.  It’s like second nature to look around and make a comment about your neighbor’s lawn or the husband who is never home – it’s a lot easier and less painful to look at others and judge them then to look inside ourselves.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives??  We didn’t learn anything new about Angie and Dominick.   Just more of the same – crazy Katherine, an affair between Bri and Carl and who could have strangled Julie??  November sweeps will be here very soon -rumor  has it that a cast member will be killed off in a plane crash on Wisteria Lane.

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