Lisa Kudrow On Courage Town

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cougar town

Lisa Kudrow will be appearing on Cougar Town this November!! She will be guest starring alongside Friends alum, Courteney Cox on her new comedy.

” she’ll play a dermatologist that my character can’t stop going to even though the doctor is mean to me,” said Courteney. “She’s the best in town at what she does and I become addicted.”

I was a huge Friendsfan so I am really looking forward to this episode, I think Lisa is hysterical.

Courteney would also love for Jennifer Aniston to come and join her.

“I’d love for her to be on the show, too,” Courteney said. “Obviously we can’t cast her so close to Lisa’s appearance but if there’s a great part for her, I’d send it right away. She’s younger than me so she can’t play my contemporary even though she did on Friends, but I think we can find something great for her to play.”

It’s good to have Friends!! Any fans of Courteney’s new hit Cougar Town?

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