Law & Order SVU Preview 3/31/10 with Jaclyn Smith, Morgan Fairchild and Ann Margret

By on March 31, 2010

Law & Order: SVU is a blast from the past tonight with special guest stars Jaclyn Smith, Morgan Fairchild, and Ann-Margret all appearing in “Bedtime” tonight.  Get a look at Jaclyn Smith’s role and the case in two sneak peeks and watch an interview with Morgan!

Stabler and Benson weigh-in on their latest case in “Bedtime.”

Watch a preview of Jaclyn Smith’s performance on Wednesday’s all-new episode, “Bedtime.”

Morgan Fairchild talks about her role on Wednesday’s new episode, “Bedtime.”


  1. Dianna

    April 13, 2010 at 7:00 am

    It was great! I love Law & Order and this one was well done. I agree that Ann Margaret did an excellent job.

  2. Marel Kalyn

    April 1, 2010 at 10:41 pm


    Do more of these kinds of episodes involving older female actresses. And not just
    on SVU, but on Criminal Minds. DiNofrio is so good with female antagonists, as he was with
    the ongoing series which involved the psychopath female serial killer from Australia, who kept
    changing her identity. I’d love to see more interesting stories starring older females and older
    males as well in engaging stories of intrigue and mystery.

    I wonder if the producers know how many intelligent women (and men) between 60 and 80 and maybe even older would like to be able to see programs that reflect their reality? As a 72 year-old, deprived of programs that give any nod to women at all, and
    especially to older women, I applaud the writers, directors, and producers of this episode!

    I think Ann Margret should get some kind of award for her performance. I think it was one
    of the best of her career. As a younger women, she was usually secondary to the male
    protagonists (or the overall plot and story) and usually was a “sex symbol”; but, here she was a real
    person with a powerful persona, however flawed. She gave an impressive performance.

    Jaclyn Smith also was super convincing and surprised us all at the end! Also very well done!

    Morgan Fairchild is the consummate professional, and never disappoints and did a great
    job in this episode.

    If you want to get more older adults watchng, who are definitely searching the networks and
    cable for something that resonates with them, then write more roles for these aging great
    actresses and actors, too. They are all so talented, still look great, and can deliver the goods

    Golden Girls was fun back then, but, what it would be great is to have a series that was about
    some gritty, smart aging professional men and women that are finding themselves out of work, but, not
    ready to stop working. It shouldn’t be primarily about the boring depressing stuff that
    aging people and their boomer children face, but, should have a hook that sells, but, also
    could bring up some of those more mundane issues peripherally. Good stories about real people,
    but, also with that edge of adventure, risk-taking, whatever. But spare us the “watching paint dry” of CSI and other process-oriented programs like Numbers (which granted was way too folksy in the beginning, but
    is now just another action show). Numbers has metamorphosed into something that’s completely
    un-engaging for me.

    I really like NCIS (because of the interesting, just quirky enough characters, each one unique,
    especially Abs and Ducky – and most of the plots), but find Criminal Minds too “dark and honestly
    boring. In fact, of the CSI series, my fav is Miami. Never watch the original any more, and not
    just because Gil left, but have enjoyed a few of the New York series.

    But really turned off by Cold Case, and all the cranky, pouty people that
    were on the program with LaPaglia and Poppy somebody or other about people that vanished
    into thin air. Can’t even remember the name of it. Excuse a “senior moment”! (:>)–.

    So think about the demographics. People are living longer, are highly educated, but also
    will not tolerate drivel and stupid, bloody, gory, programs that depress, and bring us down.
    You get a whole new demographic audience if you begin to create programming that will
    engage us in interesting, intelligent plots, characters, and great settings. Global.

    30 for tonight!

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