The Big Bang Theory, Season 2, Episode 3, Recap 10/7/10

By on October 7, 2010

Written by: Susan Gernhart

Shamy (Sheldon + Amy) are engrossed in a self-invented game called “Counterfactuals” in which they pose scenarios to one another in an alternate world.

“In a world where rhinoceros’ are domesticated pets, who wins the Second World War? In a world where mankind is ruled by a giant intelligent beaver, what food is no longer consumed?” (You get the idea.)

Leonard joins in and answers his question incorrectly. Amy suggests to Sheldon, “Perhaps it would be kinder to play a game more suited to his abilities” and explains to his bespectacled roomie, “We’ll close our eyes and count to ten while you hide”.

Amy and her condescending attitude join the male quartet for lunch. Wolowitz tries to engage her in conversation about her work, to which she replies, “I doubt you’d understand. Sheldon tells me you only have a Master’s Degree.”

Amy asks Sheldon why they are dining as a group and he explains that he is the social glue that holds the group together.

Back at the apartment, Leonard has a guy-to-guy talk with his friend. “Amy is judgmental, sanctimonious, and frankly just obnoxious. We already have you for that.”

Sheldon insists that Amy isn’t his girlfriend (she’s a girl and a friend) and informs Leonard that he quietly (yes, quiet-ly) put up with Penny for all those months.

In an effort to avoid Shamy, Leonard, Wolowitz and Raj find refuge in Penny’s apartment. A happy camper in his newfound hang out, Raj spends the evening chugging beers and showing off his Bollywood break dancing skills.

The next day, the trio spot Sheldon and Amy (dubbed “John and Yoko”) in the cafeteria.

Amy downplays Sheldon’s profession, describing his contributions to science as “cute”. He defends himself by calling her theories “hogwash” and they immediately part ways. They ask his friends if they have any objection to the dismantling of the relationship to which they receive a unified ‘NO’!

Leonard expresses his concern for Sheldon who buys a cat named Dr. Robert Oppenheimer. The feline becomes his constant companion, even accompanying him to work. “Excuse me”, he tells his pals, “the father of the atomic bomb wants a saucer of milk.” The apartment resembles a shelter as Sheldon’s kitty family grows into double digits.

Leonard contacts Sheldon’s mom to intervene (another Roseanne alum – Aunt Jackie!) despite her son’s insistence that, “I’m not pining over anyone”.

He finally leaves his room only to find Amy sitting on the couch.

His mother insists that they are not compatible for one another, and she just can’t see it.

Sheldon refutes, “Whether you see it or not is irrelevant. I can’t see subatomic particles but they are there.” Amy seconds his observation and the two agree to resume their relationship once Sheldon admits that he was 65% responsible for their differences. The reunited two-some run into the bedroom to show meet his four-legged friends.

Leonard is impressed with Ma Sheldon’s reverse psychology tactic. She explains that despite how smart her offspring thinks he is, he’s still a typical man. “Tell him not to do anything and that’s all he wants to do.”

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