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By on December 31, 2010

There are some words we can all live without.  I used to use the words  “I’m Just Sayin” but stopped when I could no longer take hearing them from my own mother.   Below you will find some of the words that made the Lake Superior State University’s official list of words that should be banned in 2011.

Viral Epic


I’m Just Sayin



Wow factor

Aha moment

Do you use any of these words??

Since 2011 – there are more words that have been added to this list.

2015 words include bossy, basic, bae, feminist, foodie, i can’t even, influencer, swag

Clearly who ever wrote the words in 2015 does not like bloggers because they are considered influencers who love swag.
bae: Yes, this term of endearment has been around for years, but suddenly it’s everywhere. You can’t turn around without encountering someone’s bae or some bae meal or some bae bae.
basic: You get it. Girls need a word for other girls who name-drop D-listers in their fake Louboutins, going around thinking they’re a Carrie, even though they’re really a Miranda — if Miranda had a less remarkable hair color and worked at TJ Maxx. But basic has become basic. Bad bitches can do better.

bossy: You are leaning in all over the place. If Sheryl wants a word banned, then we best get banning.

disrupt: Silicon Valley types may be changing sleepy industries, but this word is more worn out than startup names that sound and look like six-year-olds came up with them. You just might strangle the next “disrupt0r” you meet with his hoodie drawstrings.

I can’t even: … finish a sentence, apparently. Nobody is this speechless.

influencer: This kind of business jargon makes you want to pivot yourself into a gorge. Stop throwing trumped up labels on people with a bunch of Twitter followers or five friends who might sign up for something if they do.

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