The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 12/9/10

By on December 9, 2010

What does every cyclist need before a big race? A great bike? Lots of training? Nope, guess again. According to Kyle and her coach, a great wax job is #1 on the list. It is not something that Kyle wanted to do – so she has the waxer come to her. As Kyle says, “she doesn’t want the Telly Savalas”. Kyle gets the wax with her laughing daughter there to witness the event.

Kyle meets Kim for lunch and Kyle is extremely stressed out. Her housekeeper moved out and the nanny is sick. Since Kyle and her husband are leaving for Napa this definitely creates a problem. Kyle has a friend who is willing to watch the kids but Mauricio wants to stay 3 nights and Kyle only wants to stay 2 nights. Kyle doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the kids the extra night.
During lunch, Lisa called and asked Kim what happened since they haven’t spoken since Lisa set Kim up with Martin. Lisa didn’t call Martin to thank him for giving her a ride home and she hasn’t heard from him.

Kyle and Mauricio make it to Napa where Kyle brings up the subject of having another child. Four is enough for Mauricio.

Kyle and Mauricio make the 69 mile bike ride in 5 hours 15 minutes. It’s at that point that Kyle finally realizes that she needs to stay the extra night – there is no way she could get on a plane after riding 69 miles.

Kim is having a family barbecue and while food shopping she meets single Gary – who calls her for a date. Gary shows up with his granddaughter. Kim tells Gary that her 8 month old granddaughter is her daughter – why??? It sounds like Kim really wants to be single – why else would she lie to a man she just met.

Camille invites some friends over to discuss the Kyle situation. She wants to know how to handle it since she is trying to keep the peace with all the ladies.

In other transportation news, Lisa and Cedric decide it’s time to get their American driver’s license. There’s nothing like learning how to drive in a gorgeous sports car. Lisa finds the people in motor vehicles ‘eclectic’. What she really means is the people at motor vehicles are beneath her. Lisa passes the written exam. Cedric failed. Did Cedric fail so he doesn’t have to move out of Lisa’s house.

Taylor is preparing for a poker tournament for the Crisis Center she volunteers at. They want her to make a speech at the event. Taylor comes from a broken home and gets upset just thinking about her childhood.

Taylor’s husband Russell puts a damper on the event by telling Taylor she picked a bad weekend for the event. Thanks Russell.

Taylor is extremely nervous about her speech. During the speech and fighting off tears, Taylor confesses that she was a victim of early childhood domestic violence.

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