Grey’s Anatomy Recap 2/3/11

By on February 4, 2011

Written by Julie Tortorici

Meredith wakes up, sees Derek isn’t there. He’s already at the hospital, beginning his Alzheimer’s NGF Clinical Trial (with Patient #1). In voiceover, Meredith talks about placebo vs. real drugs. We see that Patient #1 is on the placebo drug and that Derek is injecting saline, rather than the trial drug, into his brain. As he does this, we see that Meredith has arrived and is watching him work from the observation deck.

Callie and Sloan are lying in bed together. She is dressed, he is not. He’s psyched about the baby. She tells him he doesn’t have to do anything, but he’ll hear none of it. He asks if they should get married. She says no. She’ll raise a baby with him but “there’s a line”. He agrees since he’s in love with Lexie. Then he realizes – Lexie. What will he tell her?

Callie returns to her own apartment and finds Arizona on the couch. She asks if Arizona is ready to talk. Arizona explains that though they were broken up, she’s mad that Callie slept with someone else – especially someone with a penis. Callie defends herself, saying she didn’t plan it, but now there’s a baby coming in seven months and she wants Arizona to be a part of it.

Arizona is in. But still really mad.

Chief Webber is performing surgery and lecturing to the room full of students (who are all texting). He demands that there is no texting in his OR. April explains that they’re all just trying to get updates on Bailey performing a Toupet Procedure on Twitter.

“What the hell is a twitter?” Dr. Webber asks.

Avery, Teddy and Christina are speeding through the hospital halls. Both Avery and Christina are vying to assist Teddy on her upcoming Quadruple Bypass. Teddy sees through it – knows that whoever assists her in the surgery gets ahead of the pack in the race for Chief Resident. This is all irritating to Teddy.

Sloan and Callie enter the hospital. She’s explains that although Arizona is in, she doesn’t want to move in with her until she’s sure Arizona won’t bail again. Then Lexie approaches and announces to Mark that she’ll be cooking dinner for him. He smiles at her, they kiss, she walks off and his face falls flat. Callie gives Sloan an out again. He can be a cool uncle and never tell Lexie anything. Sloan wants to be the dad though. Callie reminds him that the last time a Sloan baby came to Seattle, Lexie left him.

Meredith finds Derek at the OR Board, prompts him to admit that he snuck out because he felt guilty that she’s not a part of his Alzheimer’s trial. Derek denies he feels guilty. Karev interrupts them, telling Derek that Patient #2 was admitted and that the wife had some questions. Meredith is shocked that Derek chose Karev to assist on the trial. Karev gets all Karevvy and responds that Derek didn’t want to leave anything to chance. It’s clear that Meredith wasn’t up for the position because she’s Derek’s wife.

Derek and Karev meet with Patient #2. The patient’s wife wants to know if her husband is indeed getting the new drug (and not the placebo), how quickly it’ll start working and whether there’s a possibility that his condition could reverse completely, as it did with the drug trial on rats and monkeys. Karev tells her rats and monkeys are different than humans, but Derek interrupts him and tells her he doesn’t want to rule anything out. Later, Derek tells Karev to offer a more optimistic vibe, that the patients and caregivers need to have hope and positivity.

Chief Webber is in pursuit of Bailey. He tells her to stop broadcasting the surgeries on Twitter. She says it’s a great teaching tool and good for residents everywhere. He demands she shut it down. She counters that if he understood it, he’d be fine with it. He tells her he does understand it. She basically rolls her eyes at him in response. He finally admits he’ll look into it but she needs to stop in the meantime.

Arizona pulls Teddy into a corner and tells her about Sloan, Callie and the baby. She admits she wants to have kids with Callie, but not with Mark. Before Teddy can say anything, Arizona’s beeper goes off and we see her run into an examining room. Callie and Sloan are there. Callie thinks she’s miscarrying. The ob, Lucy Fields, assures Callie that, though she is bleeding, everything is fine.

Teddy, Christina and Avery enter the quadruple bypass patient’s room (Martha). Christina and Avery compete quite openly for Martha’s approval.

Meredith and Karev are talking outside of Patient #2’s room when he begins to have an episode. He asks for his wife, Victoria. His wife runs up to him to calm him. He demands to see Victoria. We find out then that the wife’s name is Alison. Meredith promptly runs in to help – clearly understanding how to deal with an Alzheimer’s patient. She tells him they’ll look for Victoria for him and he finally calms down. Meredith asks his wife who Victoria is and the wife tells her that Victoria is the woman he’s in love with. Victoria is a woman he met in a Home. Although she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s she has a similar degenerative illness. The two, when not lucid, love each other.

In the operating room with Bailey, Lexie and April. They convince Bailey to go against her promise to the Chief and tweet about the surgery.

Sloan enters Derek’s office and confesses to him about Callie’s pregnancy and the subsequent dilemma about Lexie. Derek is flabbergasted that Sloan is able to accidentally impregnate Callie while he and Meredith have been trying unsuccessfully for months to get pregnant. Sloan’s beeper goes off. It’s Callie. She hasn’t left Field’s examining room. She’s still freaking out.

Alison, standing in the hallway watches her husband with Victoria. She begs Karev to make sure that her husband is getting the drug. He explains they don’t know until they get the needle whether it’s a placebo or the drug. She doesn’t care, she can’t lose him.

Karev gripes to Meredith about his dilemma. Meredith has little sympathy, though she tells him a story about dealing with her mother when she wasn’t lucid. She explains that she just tried to give her mother what she needed when she wasn’t lucid.

Christina enters Martha’s room and sees that she’s looking at photographs. Martha admits to Christina that she’s having second thoughts – she doesn’t want to be a burden to her children. Christina listens, but tells her that the surgery could give her twenty more years. Martha asks whether Christina will be there for the surgery – Christina says yes. We then see that Avery overheard the exchange. Avery denies that a patient’s request means anything.

Sloan’s beeper goes off again. It’s Callie. 911. He gets there, but nothing is wrong. Callie is panicking. We find out that it’s really about Arizona. What if Arizona leaves? And what will Sloan do about Lexie? Callie’s life is a disaster so that means the baby will be a disaster. She has a meltdown.

Christina and Avery want Teddy to decide who’ll be in on the surgery. Avery, in his effort to prove he’s more worthy, challenges Christina on having been absent from the OR in the past few months. Christina, saying nothing, just walks away. Avery feels terrible.

Owen Hunt helps a very confused Chief find Bailey’s tweets on the computer. This allows him to discover that she was tweeting her current surgery. He goes to her OR and confronts her, but the patient begins hemorrhaging. Lexie continues tweeting about what’s going wrong. Followers offer a viable suggestion, but they don’t have the necessary equipment and “cells”. Lexie announces that hospitals are tweeting that they have what’s needed and that Bailey can fly to get it. The Chief will keep an eye on the patient.

Avery tells Meredith what he said to Christina. They then find Christina hysterically crying. She asks for Owen. Meredith tells Avery to find him. As soon as Avery leaves, Christina picks up her head and we see that she was faking. She wants to do the surgery and Avery will be distracted in his efforts finding Own (who is at the dentist).

To calm Callie, Dr. Fields brings in a high-resolution machine that may be able to detect the baby’s heartbeat even though it’s still so early in her pregnancy.

Back in the OR with the Chief, April and Lexie. Lexie hesitantly asks the Chief to answer some of the questions she’s getting online about the surgery. He cautiously and then more comfortably starts answering them. Maybe broadcasting online isn’t so bad after all. Bailey finally runs in with the cells and equipment.

Finally, Callie, Sloan and Arizona begin to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Back with Derek and Karev who are in the OR with Patient #2. Karev pulls out the needle – will it be saline (the placebo) or the actual drug? It’s the placebo. Karev is disappointed. After the procedure, Patient #2 immediately asks for Victoria. His wife, Alison, gets up to leave. Karev implores her to remain patient, to give him whatever she can. She returns to her husband and tells him she’ll get Victoria there as soon as she can.

Derek commends Karev on how he handled the wife. Karev responds by telling him he’s off the trial – it’s too depressing. He explains that it should be Meredith assisting him with the trial.

Bailey enters the Chief’s office to update him on the patient. She sheepishly asks to tweet about a surgery tomorrow but now the Chief’s totally on board.

Callie is home. Arizona enters with Callie’s boxes. She’s moving her back in. Arizona makes it clear that she’s not going anywhere. The baby is theirs.

Lexie is in the midst of cooking for Sloan when she finds out about the baby. How did she get him in the same position twice? She leaves immediately.

Derek finds Meredith. He tells her he wants her on board with trial.

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