Million Dollar Money Drop Season Finale Questions and Results 2/1/11

By on February 1, 2011

Tonight is the season finale of Million Dollar Money Drop.  Jennifer and David were the first contestants on tonight’s show.

Host Kevin Pollack gives contestant pairs a million dollars at the start of the game, and through a course of seven trivia questions they must wager portions of their cash. They can bet it all on an answer they know, or cover several answers to even their odds. Whatever money is placed on an incorrect answer is dropped through the money drop, and at the end of the game the remaining cash is theirs to keep – if there’s any left, of course.

Question 1 – Held on to $1,000,000

In the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ who as Dorothy talking to when she said, ‘ I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore’?





the scarecrow

Question 2 – They Lost it ALL!!

Which of these is the heaviest?


NBA Basketball

NFL Football

MLB Baseball

NHL Hockey puck

Kevin Pollack welcomed the next hopefuls, best friends Allen and Steve.

Question 1 –  Held on to $920,000

As of December 2010, which of these hard rockers is currently eligible for full membership in the AARP?


Axl Rose

Ozzy Osbourne

Tommy Lee

Jon Bon Jovi

Question 2 – Held on to $300,000

Of these four performers, who has hosted the Academy Awards the most?


The star of Father of the Bride

The star Sister Act

The star X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The star of City Slickers

Question 3 – Held on to $300,00

Which of these major motion pictures is based on a work of fiction?



Up In The Air

The Blind Side

A Beautiful Mind

Question 4 – Held on to $40,000

In terms of violent crime, what did Forbes name America’s most dangerous city in 2009?



Washington DC

New York City

Question 5 – Held on to $40,000

According to Harris Interactive Survey, a greater percentage of people wash their hands after doing which activity?


changing a diaper

using the bathroom at home

coughing or sneezing

Question 6 – Held on to $40,000

When it aired, which of these series finales was watched by more Americans?




Everybody Loves Raymond

Question 7 –  They Lost It All!!

In 2009, What was the busiest mailing day for the US post office?


A day in December

A day in April

Well MDMD has another brutal ending for the season finale.  What do you think of the show??

Keep reading for the correct answer.

Answer 1


Answer 2

NBA Basketball (20 ounces)

Answer 1

Ozzy Osbourne

Answer 2

The star of City Stickers (Billy Crystal hosted 8 times)

Answer 3

Up In The Air

Answer 4


Answer 5

using the bathroom home

Answer 6


Answer 7

A day in December

One Comment

  1. Laurie Echard

    February 3, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    On the 2/1/11 show there was the question
    about which rock star would be eligible for
    AARP membership as of 12/2010? None of them!

    Ozzy Osbourne turned 62 in December but the
    eligible age for AARP membership is age
    “50”. It was reduced from age 55 to 50
    in the 90’s.

    Age 62 is the required age to collect
    early Social Security benefits.

    Who did the research?

    Maybe it just doesn’t matter because they
    got the question right!

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