The Game Recap 2/22/11

By on February 23, 2011

Written by Carletta Hurt

How does Kelly crumble? This should be title of this week’s episode. Opening with Jason helping Kelly understand the terms of their divorce which forbids her from using his name or likeness for the reality show. This makes things hard for Kelly as her show is centered on her life as a former baller’s wife.

On to another baller, Malik who is still in rehab and only half working on getting better. The counselor taps into some serious issues when he mentions Malik’s father. A fellow rehab member reaches out to Malik with some advice over gummie bears. Malik is bothered by the things people are doing around him that he feels adversely effect his life. Most importantly, he feels Derwin owes his success to him.

Meanwhile, Derwin and Melanie are getting red carpet service while Tasha overseas an album release party for Fabulous (who makes a guest appearance on the show). Kelly rolls in with her camera crew quickly bypassing Melanie and Tasha heading straight for Derwin. Tasha has his image on lockdown and shuts down any filming with Derwin which also shuts down Kelly and her show. The camera crew decide to make the most of the night and capture some ladies dancing hoping to get some good footage. In a desperate attempt to gain some since of fame, Kelly booty shakes her way into internet “fame”.

As a result of her escapade Brittany, her 13 year old daughter, posts suggestive photos of herself online. Jason brings this to her attention and Kelly is crushed. Ready to put her foot down and set some limits with Brittany, Kelly confronts her after school only to get disrespected and embarrassed that her own daughter thinks so little of her.

Thinking more of himself but less than usual, Malik reaches back out during rehab feeling like he’s gotten control of his seemingly unraveling life. Feeling like she can share with Malik, Kelly forces him to see that life is what is making him angry and afraid. His friends and family are moving on while he is stuck in the same spot and clearly doing the wrong things.

The moment of clarity rings true for Kelly after a talk with Melanie and Tasha about her reckless parenting. Kelly asks Jason to take Brittany so she can get away and spend some time getting herself back on track. Initially Jason is unwilling but he sees that Kelly needs the time and agrees to have Brittany come stay with him for a while.

Getting back on track and out of rehab, Malik makes a stop at Te Te’s wing spot. Their relationship may have changed but, the first step in making change is acknowledgement and Malik did just that and Te Te gladly accepted.

With his game face on, is Malik ready to play?

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