Ellen DeGeneres Talks Justin Bieber and Tells Selena Gomez ‘You Made Me a Fool’

By on March 22, 2011

Selena Gomez is on Ellen DeGeneres today where Ellen confronted Selena about her appearance on the show in September.

At the time Gomez and Justin Bieber had just started hanging out when DeGeneres asked her what was going on between the two of them.  Gomez responded by saying,

“He’s little. He’s like my little brother”

Now that Gomez has returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen wants the truth from Gomez and asked her what she had to say about her comments that he was like a little brother?

Gomez responded with an, “I don’t know”.  DeGeneres gave her an out by saying,

“you were trying to hide it still, right? But now you’ve made it public.” she also said, “You went to the Vanity Fair [Oscar night] party [together] and made me a fool.”

Gomez is still denying that she and the Biebs are together saying, “he’s just sweet.”   In case Gomez  wasn’t aware – DeGeneres reminded her that it is very hard to hide from their fans as they are both HUGE stars.

Gomez finally admitted it “would be weird” if she did think of  Bieber as a brother.

Ellen being Ellen sent Selena off with a gift – a pillow to take with her on tour. It has a picture of Justin Bieber on it – so Gomez will not miss him.

We posted this as a blind item reveal awhile back – what do you think about their relationship?

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