Joss Stone Targeted In Alleged Murder Plot

By on June 15, 2011

Two unidentified men are currently being held behind bars in England after allegedly plotting the murder of singer Joss Stone, reported E! News.

Authorities say that they learned of this murder plot after spotting the men, ages 30 and 33, outside of the singer’s home in Devon. They were found with swords, rope, and a body bag. They also had weapons inside their car, blueprints mapping out Stone’s home, and aerial views of the property.

A statement from the police read:

“Police attended an address in Cullompton after alert residents notified officers about a suspicious-looking vehicle. Police have been on patrol near the property. Officers attended the area at around 1000 BST and subsequently arrested the occupants of a red Fiat Punto. Major crime detectives are continuing to investigate.”

Stone recently landed on the list of the top five biggest earning female U.K. singers, which could be a possible motive for this horrific plot.

Stone is aware that the men were arrested, however it is not known whether she was in the house or not at the time of the arrest. As of this morning the police are stationed outside of the home. The two men are being charged with possession of offensive weapons and conspiracy to rob and murder.

Written by Michelle Wincott

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