Big Brother 2011 Cast Revealed With a Surprise Twist of ‘Duos’

By on July 7, 2011

BIG BROTHER welcomes eight new Houseguests, plus the return of some of the most notorious “duos” from past seasons, when the CBS reality series premieres Thursday, July 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT).

This summer’s twist, “Double Trouble,” will feature the return of some of the most dynamic “duos” in the history of  BIG BROTHER. The return of these former Houseguests will immediately impact the way the game will be played this summer.

The identities of the returning “Duos” will be revealed during the premiere episode on July 7. Check out the eight NEW Houseguests who will spend the summer playing alongside the “Duos” in the new season of BIG BROTHER after the jump!!

Kalia Booker, 30

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Current City: Los Angeles, Calif.


Porsche Briggs, 23

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Current City: Miami Beach, Fla.

VIP Cocktail Waitress

Dominic Briones, 25

Hometown: San Mateo, Calif.

Current City: San Mateo, Calif.

College Student

Cassi Colvin, 26

Hometown: Allen, Texas

Current City: Nashville, Tenn.


Lawon Exum, 39

Hometown: Urbana, Ill.

Current City: Inglewood, Calif.

Legal File Clerk

Keith Henderson, 32

Hometown: Bolingbrook, Ill.

Current City: Bolingbrook, Ill.

Human Resources Mgr

Shelly Moore, 41

Hometown: Centerville, Ohio

Current City: Prairieville, La.

Outdoors Industry Exec

Adam Poch, 39

Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J.

Current City: Hoboken, N.J.

Music Inventory Manager

This season, the Houseguests will enjoy a Venice Beach loft-inspired house, featuring an urban design that brings the outside décor in and the inside décor out. Highlights of the BIG BROTHER house include a Frank Gehry-inspired bedroom, classic surfboards mounted on the walls and original artwork ranging from a custom sunglass display to a eye-catching wall of graffiti. The Tarot Card Parlour, indoor chess park and Popsicle Room top off the Venice Beach motif throughout the house.

Once again, several unlucky Houseguests will be banished to the “Have/Have Not Room” each week, where luxury and comfort are non-existent.

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