Kathie Lee Gifford Thinks Daughter Cassidy Could Steal Spotlight From Kim Kardashian on Wedding Day

By on August 17, 2011

Really Kathie Lee?? As if anyone could steal Kim Kardashian’s thunder and on her wedding day no less. ¬†¬†Celebrating her birthday yesterday on Hoda and Kathie Lee, Hoda presented Kathie Lee with a special gift – a photo of Kathie and her daughter, Cassidy.

Beaming like any proud mother would – Kathie Lee said,

“I think Cassie is the only person who can steal a little tiny, tiny, tiny little bit of thunder this weekend at the big wedding”

Gifford is the best friend of Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner and will be attending the big wedding this weekend.

I would not be happy to hear someone say that about my daughter on her wedding day. ¬†Everyone thinks their child is the best, the most gorgeous, the cutest….but to actually say it is another thing.

Do you think Kathie Lee should have said that?? Would you be mad if a “friend” said that??

Check out the video at the 2:15 second mark to hear Kathie Lee.

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