Joe Jonas Can’t Name His Ex-Girlfriends In Songs

By on September 25, 2011

Pop singer Joe Jonas has dated a string of actresses and singers, including Taylor Swift, Twilight actress Ashley Greene, and Camille Belle. None of the relationships have lasted, and now Jonas says he won’t, or can’t name any of his ex-girlfriends in his songs.

On a web episode of Small Talk, Jonas talked about his thoughts on songwriting, especially after a break-up. He claimed,

“I feel like artists have the responsibility to be able to write about whoever they want to write about. There is always worries about about running into your ex and having to explain about that song you wrote but if there are no names in it, one can’t really be upset.”

He then concluded, “it can be really flattering when someone writes a song about you. You just have to get it.”

What do you think? Would you be flattered if someone wrote a song about you? Even if the song itself wasn’t very flattering?

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