Shia Labeouf Feels Vindicated After Transformers 3 Success

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Transformers actor Shia Labeouf told MTV News that he feelsĀ vindicated after the smash success of the franchise’s third movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Labeouf explained, “For me, I feel vindicated for having guilt on my shoulders for the second movie. There is vindication in this one being successful and people enjoying it.”

Labeouf also spoke about his upcoming work with Hollywood acting legend and director Robert Redford, saying “I’ve been in Redford’s office doing read-throughs. He’s very efficient with his time. He’s a master at juggling his time and his attention span. When his attention-span is focused in your direction, he’s laser-beam focused.”

The actor continued to praise Redford, concluding “He’s hilarious and fun and vibrant and everything you’d want in a director. I’m very excited to see the man direct himself. I’ve never seen that happen on set.”

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