Jessica Simpson Six Months Pregnant?

By on October 26, 2011

While Jessica Simpson has not confirmed her pregnancy, based on the very round baby belly in her most recent photos,experts have already started to weigh in on how far along Simpson may be.

Simpson has remained quiet on whether she is expecting or not – hoping for a big payday from the gossip magazines for the “official” news. is reporting that Jessica is around six months pregnant, meaning her and fiancĂ© Eric Johnson could be welcoming their first child in early 2012.

A doctor the website spoke to confirmed it is definitely a pregnancy and not weight gain based on the shape of her abdomen saying, “her belly wouldn’t be that rounded if it was just fat”

While it is common to wait to announce a new pregnancy – 6 months is far along.

Meanwhile, Tony Romo announced on Tuesday that he and wife Candice Crawford are expecting their first baby.

What do you think – is Jessica really that far along? Why is she waiting to tell the world she is pregnant?

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