Keira Knightley: There’s Nothing I Want to Do But Act

By on October 25, 2011

Unlike perhaps other actresses, British actress Keira Knightley isn’t interested in pursuing side careers, chasing down what-ifs, and is confident that “there’s nothing” she wants to do but act.

Talking to The National, Knightley spoke about how she has changed since her post-Pirates of the Caribbean film, saying “Yes I was different than to the way I am now, because you change with your experiences. It would be sad if you didn’t, but my level of fame is not as big as Brad Pitt’s, thankyfully. At the time of the Pirates movies I had a crazy time where very simple things were very difficult. I had about 20 guys standing on my doorstep, so going to the grocery store became incredibly difficult.”

Knightley then talked about her love for acting, claiming that after her first major television film role, she “got totally, completely and utterly hooked” and became convinced “there’s nothing else that I want to do but act.”

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