The X Factor Chris Rene Sings ‘Let it Be’ 11/22/11 – Video

By on November 22, 2011

The X Factor is all about ‘Giving Thanks’ tonight where all of the contestants are to dedicate a song to someone in their life that they are thankful to.

Chris Rene dedicated his song, “Let It Be,” to his sponsor, Tim Fry.  He is probably the most thankful to be on the show.     Nicole is wowwed by him and feels that he is an example while Paula is grateful to have him and she loves to see him sing like this. Simon did not like the first half of the song but did appreciate the second half and likes the message that Rene is sending by being a survivor and LA believes in him!!

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  1. Bev

    November 23, 2011 at 2:55 am

    This guy is it !!!! He makes you wanna live life !!! I
    pray Chris Rene takes it all !!!

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