Whoopi Goldberg Farts During Interview With Claire Danes on The View? – Video

By on December 17, 2011

Talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg made some noise on The View (Dec 16) during an interview with Claire Danes. It wasn’t Goldberg’s normal laughter we heard but dare we say….gas?

During an interview with Golden Globe nominee Claire Danes – star of Showtime’s drama Homeland – the rather serious interview came to an abrupt stop when Whoopie seemed to pass gas – LOUDLY!

Trying to make light of the incident, Goldberg turned and gestured that the offending noise did indeed come from her.

“Excuse me, I just let a frog out of there,” she joked. “It’s okay,”

An ABC spokesperson later told HuffPost TV: “It was a joke. Every time there is a fun noise she pretends it was her.”

So did Whoopi fart? It sure looked and sounded like it came from her. Check out the video and leave your comments below.

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