Biggest Loser Recap and Results 2/21/12

By on February 21, 2012

Week 7 on The Biggest Loser, we saw Roy (Santa) end his weight loss journey.

This week, the contestants are faced with a temptation involving their favorite foods, with the winner gaining game-changing power to arrange the two teams however they like –and remain anonymous.  The Red Team gets Jeremy and the Black Team gets Conda.

After the unpopular decision is made to switch up the teams, tensions rise and suspicion grows about the real identity of the temptation winner. Then the red and black teams race against time and each other to assemble a giant puzzle on top of eight-foot tall blocks, with the winning team getting a very special prize (2-weeks at the Biggest Loser Ranch). Later, after a drama-fueled weigh-in and elimination, another contestant is sent home.


Black Team- Trainer Bob

Chism- 298-5=293


Megan- 219-2=217

Chris- 201-5=196

Emily- 218-2=216

Casandra- 189-1=188

Daphne- 224+2=226

TOTAL: -12 (0.75%)

Red Team – Trainer Dolvett

Jeremy- 320-11=309

Kimmy- 188-4=184

Lauren- 233-3=230

Mark- 244-10=234

Kim- 200-7=193

Buddy- 329-12=317

TOTAL: -43 (3.39%)

Daphne is sent home!!

Sorry for the quick recap but I am traveling, see you next week!!


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