Castle Recap 04/02/2012 Season 4 Episode 20 “The Limey”

By on April 3, 2012

A British model is found dead in a sleazy hotel as a handsome man flees the scene of the crime.  That is the opening of this week’s Castle entitles “The Limey” where Castle and Beckett are approached by a detective from Scotland Yard looking for help in solving the murder of a family friend.

Also in this episode Laney and Beckett have a heart to heart while Castle freezes Beckett out and takes up with a young attractive stewardess.

Laney and Beckett are enjoying some girl time when Beckett comments that Castle has been different lately.  Laney points out that the two of them are crazy about each other, and everyone knows it, but how long does Beckett expect Castle to wait for her?  (Obviously at this point Beckett still has no idea that Castle knows her little secret about her remembering the infamous “I love you” and not saying anything for months.)  Laney also says that the Castle the team first met, with a blond on each shoulder is not the same man they see everyday.  He has changed because of his love for Beckett.

All this is for naught though as Castle arrives at the model’s murder scene toting a stewardess he recently met on a flight back from Las Vegas reprising the role of the earlier womanizing “ruggedly handsome” Castle.  Castle continues to flaunt the stewardess throughout the episode as he tries to distance himself from Beckett.  He even goes so far as to leave in the middle of the case for a lunch date, leaving Beckett to work alongside Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Colin Hunt – who just so happens to be the handsome man who fled the scene of the crime.

Hunt was a family friend of the model who we eventually learn was trying to figure out how her boyfriend was killed in Uganda while he worked with doctors without boarders.  She knew that he was killed when his helicopter was hit with a missile but how military grade missiles landed themselves in the hands of Ugandan rebels was the question she sought to answer.

She eventually discovers that a man at the British consulate is using his diplomatic powers to have the weapons smuggled into the US from the UK and then sent to Uganda under the guise of a diplomatic parcel, a package that is hands off as far as the TSA and other world government agencies are concerned.  The missiles were in turn supplied by a rapper named Biggie Small who, when he discovered the model version of Nancy Drew snooping around, killed her.  Thankfully the bad guys were caught via a thumbprint on the victim and the murderer turning on his British accomplice.

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