General Hospital recap for week of April 9 to April 13

By on April 13, 2012

Sam bursts into a huge grin when she sees Jason, but the smile quickly fades when Jason asks her about her trip to New York City.


Sam, who is reluctant to tell Jason that Franco is his fraternal twin brother and could be the father of her baby, side-steps the question. Jason assumes that the Franco lead was a dead-end and tells Sam about Kate’s odd behavior.  Later John calls and arranges to meet Sam at the hospital to give her a sample of Franco’s DNA. (Apparently he worked his connections with the FBI and was able to procure it for Sam.) Sam makes a flimsy excuse to leave, saying she has a doctor’s appointment. Naturally Jason wants to go with her, but luckily (for Sam) Spinelli arrives with confirmation of Kate’s erratic behavior. Sam slips out and heads to the hospital where John hands her Franco’s DNA sample. He gently asks her what she will do if the baby is Franco’s and gives Sam a hug when she implies that she can’t let herself think that yet. Unfortunately, Elizabeth spies them and immediately blabs to Jason when Jason arrives. Jason’s Spidey senses continue to tingle when Kelly appears to have “forgotten” Sam’s appointment. After Sam shoots Kelly the side-eye, Kelly covers and takes them into her office. Sam discreetly gives Franco’s DNA sample to Kelly as she explains the situation. Kelly doesn’t bat an eyelash as she promises to put a rush on the paternity test results. Sam should know the truth in 24 hours. Later Jason rejoins the women for a 3D ultrasound. Emotional he tenderly kisses the top of Sam’s head as Sam blinks back her tears.

Matt and Spinelli have agreed to team up to exonerate Maxie. Their first order of business is to investigate Ewan, so Matt asks Ewan for a patient consult while Spinelli breaks into Ewan’s office. Spinelli clumsily enters Ewan’s office and panics when he sees commitment papers to Shadybrook on Ewan’s desk. Believing  them to be Maxie’s, Spinelli rushes to the nurses’ station where he confronts Ewan. Ewan killed Lisa and is trying to cover his tracks by committing Maxie to a mental institution! Disgusted Ewan explains it’s another patient and storms off. Naturally Matt is upset with Spinelli for jumping to conclusions; Maxie’s name isn’t even on the paper! Spinelli double checks: female who works on Crimson. It must be Maxie…unless it’s Kate? Spinelli then sprints to Stone Cold’s penthouse where Jason tells him about Kate’s increasingly erratic behavior. Spinelli then calls a few cyber buddies, who grant him access to Ewan’s medical records as Ewan forges ahead with instituting Kate against her will.

What happened for Ewan to take such drastic action? Connie appears to be gaining more and more control over Kate. However, Kate refuses to seek proper therapy or even tell Sonny about her DID, despite Ewan’s advice. She runs to the Metro Court restaurant where Sonny asks her about her confrontation with Jason. Wide-eyed Kate swears she doesn’t hate Jason and vows to get along with him. At a nearby table Carly and Johnny are as adorable as can be, which stirs the pot of Sonny’s ire. Naturally Sonny and Johnny get into yet another argument: Sonny thinks Johnny framed him for the accident that killed Cole and Hope. Johnny thinks Sonny did it and will get what is coming to him. Not to be outshone, the women also get into it, ending with Carly slapping Kate and Kate getting a huge headache. Sonny takes Kate back to his place where his magical cure for her headache is to lure her to bed—sans clothing. Later Kate wakes up to find a terrifying note from Connie, who emerged when Kate was “asleep” and placed a call to Johnny. Freaked, Kate runs back to Ewan, who urges her again to seek integrated therapy, but of course Kate is too focused on Sonny to see what a ninny she is. Ewan sighs, feeling he has no choice but to commit Kate as she could be a threat to herself and others.

In the middle of all this Elizabeth pops in to establish a rain check for dessert with Ewan. She tells him she likes ice cream and sails out.

The day of Sonny’s trial arrives. Johnny thinks Sonny will be found guilty while Carly thinks her ex-husband is innocent. Michael vows to be there for Starr as she is determined to make Sonny pay for the deaths of her boyfriend and daughter. Kate accompanies Sonny to the courthouse where Sonny, who is already in a foul mood after being threatened by John—in his own living room nonetheless—scowls when he spies Michael comforting Starr.

The trial begins with testimonies from Dante, Johnny, Michael and Starr. All agree that Sonny had motive and opportunity to shoot out Anthony’s tires, but no one can place him at the scene of the accident.  Starr, especially, makes a bunch of bitter pill and snarl-like faces to get her point across: even though she didn’t see Sonny on the road that night, he is the one who killed her family! He has to pay! The last person on the stand is Kate, who gives everyone pause when she announces—with her heavy handed Brooklyn accent–that her name is Connie Falconeri. Whatcha gonna do about it? But then Kate blinks and surprise! It’s still her. She explains that she changed her name when she was 18 and declares that the gun found in her office is not hers.

John visits Anna to discuss Sonny’s trial. Anna plays devil’s advocate as she reminds John that Sonny may be innocent after all. As they review the evidence, Anna finds a photo of Robin and bursts into tears. Luke then walks in, none too pleased to find John with his brotherly arms around Anna.

Olivia knocks on Steve’s door and is rudely greeted by Heather, who slams the door in Olivia’s face. Steve emerges from the shower to yell at his mother. Heather tries to make amends with Olivia by offering her tea, but we all know the last time Heather made tea, she laced it with LSD to drive Steve’s adoptive mother insane. As Steve tries to convince Olivia that he made the right choice in assuming guardianship of his demented mother, Heather sneaks out to throw herself at her number one obsession: Luke! Heather makes quite the impression on Luke and Anna as she accuses Anna of wanting Luke and begs Luke to read her letter of apology. Luke is so freaked that he actually pushes Anna onto the ground, thinking Heather was going to shoot her!

Steve finally locates his mom while Olivia heads to Ewan’s office to ask him to treat Heather.  Meanwhile Steve and Heather head to Kelly’s where they invite Luke and Anna to join them for a meal. Of course Heather manages to find a way to get Luke alone. While Steve takes a call from Olivia, Heather spills her milkshake on Anna. While Anna goes to clean up, Heather tries to convince Luke that they can recapture their magic. Luke smiles nervously and urges Heather to explore the world before settling with him. Surely Heather has better things to do…right?

Steve and Olivia take Heather to see Ewan, but not before Heather spies Sam. She approaches Sam with a smug smile. Remember her? Sam struggles to remain calm as Heather reveals she has been released from Ferncliff and she isn’t too happy with Sam for running out on her. Sam wants to make it up to Heather, who swipes a paper out of Sam’s hand. Heather quickly realizes that Sam hasn’t told Jason yet about Franco—and that Franco could be the father of Sam’s baby. Sam makes a deal with Heather and says a silent prayer that Heather will keep her mouth shut.

Tracy saunters into the Quartermaine living room, ready to accept birthday wishes and presents, but she gets a rather chilly reception from Monica and Alice instead. Apparently everyone forgot Tracy’s birthday, including her sons! Luke, however, did not. He arrives with a riding crop, which Tracy declares is the worse present ever. She angrily reminds Luke she doesn’t like to be spanked, despite Luke’s colorful nickname for her, “Spanky.” Luke leads Tracy to the window. See that pony out there? It’s the grandson of her beloved childhood horse, Skittles. That is her real present! Tracy practically swoons, but the nice moment is broken when Anthony arrives with bags full of stuff for himself—paid by Tracy’s credit card.

Starr, who is eager to see Sonny pay for the deaths of her loved ones, arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to threaten Anthony into testifying at Sonny’s trial, but as we later see, Anthony never shows up. Starr may be a big bad toughie in Llanview, but she is peanuts in Port Charles. However, Anthony has a change of heart and arrives to testify. He swears he saw Sonny on the night of the accident despite the high beams and darkness, but Alexis pokes a hole in his testimony by giving him an eye test.

Matt pays Maxie a visit in prison where he declares his love for her. Maxie insists she is damaged goods as Spinelli eavesdrops. Just when it seems Matt has broken through to Maxie, Spinelli leans a little too heavily on the door and tumbles in, ruining the moment.

The week ends with Alexis and the prosecutor (played by Andrea Zuckerman’s baby daddy in Beverly Hills, 90210) making their closing arguments. Kate rubs her temple as another headache hits her. Sonny looks bored. Michael looks pained. Starr gives her best snarl face as she clenches her hands together. Meanwhile Carly and Johnny return to her house where Johnny reads “The Bunny Gets a Cookie” for Josslyn. Aw!

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