Kelsey Grammer Gets Hip Tattoo

By on April 16, 2012

Kelsey Grammer stopped by a Chicago-area tattoo parlor, Insight Studios, over the weekend with his fourth wife Kayte Walsh to get a tat.

The ‘Frasier’ star requested tattoo artist James Eastwook to ink his wife’s first name on his hip, costing him $60.

When the famous couple entered the shop, the young lady at the front desk requested ID – apparently didn’t recognize the well known actor — shop owner Bob Jones told the local news, “He was pretty cool about it,” Jones dished. “He said it was his first tattoo and he did some research and said, ‘You guys seemed to be the best place to go.’”

The 57-year-old actor and his wife are expecting twins later this year.

Do you think that the tat will seal the deal for this marriage??

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