Private Practice Recap 4/24/12- Season 5, Ep. 20

By on April 24, 2012

Last week on “Private Practice” we sadly saw the loss of Mason’s mother, Erica while Pete and Violet reunited their spark. More so, Addison finally gets her chance to be a mother and she is in shock because she delivered said baby. If you missed it, we have you covered right here.

Tonight, Violet and Pete try to save their relationship while Mason goes on to avoid Charlotte and Cooper. Hopefully, he will find solace in someone or something.

Addison is so excited to be called “mommy” to baby Henry but sadly, there is something wrong with Amelia’s son-to-be. Amelia has fired Addison has her OB-GYN while Sheldon is off in the islands.

Cooper comes to talk to Violet about how Mason is not only not speaking but he is also wetting the bed. During this time, everyone is so excited to see Henry and Addison as a mother.

Violet and Pete are in couple’s counseling which is hard for her being a therapist herself. They do reminisce about how much fun they had at the beginning of their courtship knowing that they cannot go back.

It is noted that Violet has a way of correcting her husband yet he denies it ever happened. No time to stress because we have a nine-year-old stab victim; her sister, Missy was watching her or supposed to be when she was hurt.

Charlotte and Cooper find a way to get it on since Mason is always in their bed. At the same time, Addison is trying to rekindle her friendship with Amelia but she has no time to care for any of it.

Violet is concerned about Missy but her father does not want another criticism on his parenting; if anyone can help, it’s her. Violet tells Pete that she noticed that Missy turns her emotions on and off and that makes her question what’s going on.

Pete wants to know why she can’t just turn off being a counselor but that is her job. Charlotte tries to console Amelia who refuses to get anyone’s help. It is also noticed that there are sparks between Jake and Addison which is causing tension.

Addison is at the park with Henry trying to look for nannies while the whole Jake kissing Addison thing is being brought to Pete’s attention by Sam, who is fuming.

Charlotte is trying to figure out how to help Mason so that he can express how he feels.  She tries to relate to him since she lost her father as an adult but it is hard –  yet she finally gets through to Mason. He tells her that he is starting to forget certain traits about his mother and he does not feel normal thus he does not want to talk to anyone.

Missy’s sister is ultimately brain-dead and she will never wake up. The biggest choice is to decide whether or not to take the little girl off of life support and donate organs. Missy finally takes a walk with Violet.

Amelia talks to Jake about how it is too late to terminate her child but it is also about her well-being, despite how she feels. She questions if the drugs she took has harmed her baby but he says that it was just the luck of the draw, so to speak. She finally allows herself to break down and cry.

Violet is trying to understand Missy’s feelings but she is being very evasive; Vi reveals that she had been attacked as well. It appears that Missy may be the one who stabbed her sister to death.

Jake is trying to figure out what to do with Addison by talking to Pete while Violet goes to chat with Pete about her belief that Missy has killed her sister. It is finally revealed that Amelia’s baby has no brain and it feels like an evil trick because she is a neurosurgeon.

Amelia is so angry and jealous of Addison and her new life; she hates her former friend and cannot survive with Addison around. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be pregnant but know that they baby inside is not alive.

Sam confronts Jake about kissing Addison. Jake feels that Sam left because he did not want to be a father again and now she has a baby. It’s all very confusing.

Violet sits down with Missy’s parents to let them know that she displays sociopathic behavior. Her mom is in denial while her father knows the truth and cannot understand why they would be so blind.

Mason still won’t talk to his father yet he did open up to Charlotte; there is a sense of resentment. In counseling, Pete and Violet are bickering back and forth about decisions that they have made and how controlling Vi can be.

Charlotte goes to confront Amelia about the fact that she is not dealing with the fact that her baby is dead. She is finding that she just has to let herself feel, but she just is not ready. Charlotte asks if she’d like to go to a meeting but they sit together and chat about Amelia feeling numb.

Violet goes to casually talk to Missy about the stabbing, to try to get inside her head. Missy finally confesses that she stabbed her sister and it was the coolest thing that she had ever done. As this is happening, the police put her under arrest.

Sam comes to see Addison and Henry as they are napping to talk about how he knows that she kissed Jake the same day she kissed him. This was all five weeks prior, by the way.

Amelia goes to speak to Missy’s father since she was the neurosurgeon. She knows how it feels to have a brain-dead child.

It is decided that her organs will be donated because her death can save a lot of lives. Back in therapy, Violet and Pete are trying to communicate and he is over it, the whole reliving the past.

Pete wants to have fun and love Violet because they do love each other. He wants to forget the baggage and just move forward because they are two different people who just want to love each other. After he kisses her, he gets up and walks out.

Cooper wants to know how Charlotte got him to speak because in a way he is envious that he cannot reach his child. He reminds her that she is not Mason’s biological mother which kills.

Amelia has made the decision that she wants to stay healthy throughout her pregnancy so that she can go on an donate her baby’s organs and save other lost lives. Once again, everyone unites to see Addison and Henry.

She knows how bad Amelia is feeling but her big thing is celebrating the baby that she has waited forever for. Plus, Jake and Sam are getting along. Seems like she may not need therapy like she thought she would.

Next week, Amelia feels her baby kick while Pete decides to go away for a while. This is getting even more juicy.





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    Awww thank you. I am glad that I could help fill in the blanks for you!

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    Thanks o so much for this summary! I love the show, but could not abide the commercials — they kill it for me. So this helped a lot.

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