The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Premiere Recap 4/22/12

By on April 22, 2012

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back for their 4th season and based on the previews for this season it looks like there will be just as much drama as last year.

The ladies pick up at a summer bash at Kathy’s house where the guests gather around and read Teresa’s book and the excerpts that she wrote about the family – or more specifically, her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

Joe, Teresa’s brother, doesn’t like what Teresa wrote but refuses to address it. Caroline and her family go to a barbecue at Jacqueline’s house and Teresa will also be there.  Caroline isn’t happy about what Teresa wrote in the book either but refuses to address it either.

Teresa brings Caroline outside to talk to her about the book.  Teresa claims she didn’t write anything insulting and she is hurt that Caroline would even think that she wrote something  mean.

When Caroline brings up what Teresa wrote about Melissa, Teresa is upset that Caroline is sticking up for her.

Melissa, Kathy and Teresa are off to the Jersey Shore – with male enhancement gel for Joe, Kathy’s husband.  The Gorga house is not ready – at all.  That doesn’t seem to bother Joe but Melissa refuses to stay at their house and they all head to Kathy’s house.

Meanwhile, Ashlee is home again – as a blonde.  Jacqueline’s life coach comes to the house and she expresses that it’s hard to watch Ashlee self destruct.  The life coach is nice enough to point out that Jacqueline can’t control her 2 year old son either.

Joe Gorga tells Melissa that Teresa told him if a richer man came along, Melissa would leave him. Why would he tell his wife that??

While some of the housewives are off to the shore, Caroline is at the doctor’s office for migraines.  When she describes her symptoms, the doctor tells her that it sounds like she has symptoms of menopause and she is getting old.  The doctor advises her to get some new friends too.

Joe Gorga tells Teresa that he is there for her if he needs her.  Teresa tells him that she doesn’t believe him because when her husband was in jail for a week she didn’t even hear from him.  Joe confronts Teresa about what she said about Melissa and the two of them start arguing once again.  Joe tells her today is the first step for them to move on.

Jacqueline’s husband, Chris confronts Ashlee and tells her that her Uncle is willing to take her in.  Chris wants her to leave tomorrow for Vegas but Ashlee says no because she has plans with her friends and can’t just leave.  Chris informs her if she doesn’t leave tomorrow – he is throwing her out and she is on her own.  She finally agrees to go.

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