The Big Bang Theory Recap 5/3/12 – The Launch Acceleration – Season 5, Ep26

By on May 3, 2012

Howard gets a call from NASA, saying that his space mission has been scrapped, because part of the equipment has failed the test. While on the phone, he feigns disappointment, but as soon as he hangs up he’s almost literally jumping for joy.

At a department store, Leonard, Howard, and Raj have joined Sheldon to rent their tuxedos for Howard’s wedding. Sheldon seems to be having difficulty finding a shirt that fits, as he’s wearing long underwear. Why is he wearing long underwear? Well, because rental tuxedos are a cesspool of germs, of course. As Sheldon tries on a new shirt, the guys discuss Howard’s no-go space flight. Howard argues that no one else is as brave as he almost was,


and they agree Рbecause no one would have felt safe going into space  on something made in Russia.

Over at Penny’s apartment, Leonard and Penny are playing with balloons and making their voices change. Whatever they’re inhaling does the opposite of helium – instead of making their voices high-pitched, it makes them sound like Darth Vader. After this, Penny tells Leonard that she’d like to take things a little “faster” in their relationship, since they’ve been taking things very slowly since they got back together. Turns out, Penny has gotten a cookie monster tattoo since the last time she and Leonard hooked up. She tells him the acceptable responses when he sees it are, “Cool,” or nothing. He inhales some of the balloon gas and says, “Coooookie.”

At exactly 7pm,¬†Sheldon shows up at Amy’s apartment. She’s pleased that he’s punctual, but he tells her that he’s been waiting outside the door for 20 minutes. Amy would also like to take their relationship a little faster, though Sheldon feels they’re already moving fast – 2 years ago she was a stranger, and now he’s in her apartment at night!


Amy says she’d like to do an experiment to increase Sheldon’s feelings toward her. Sheldon is skeptical, but goes with it. Amy says she’d like to put on some romantic dinner music… and puts on the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Sheldon catches on, and calls Amy out on the fact that she’s trying to engage his feelings of the happiest times of his life. This is further reinforced when she offers him a drink… strawberry Quick. She also prepared spaghetti with little pieces of hot dog cut up for dinner. Sheldon is thrilled, and says they should do this more often – instantly realizing he’s been caught in Amy’s “trap.”

Over at Penny’s house, it appears that Leonard has gotten a bit caught up in wedding fever. While they were having sex, Leonard proposed to her! Leonard tries to take it back, explaining he was caught up in the moment, and suggests that in the future it will be a funny story – so they should just start thinking of it as a funny story now. Penny is not amused, and seems quite angry. Leonard then leaves – quickly – while wearing Penny’s pink bathrobe.

Over at Howard’s mother’s, Howard and Bernadette are trying to decide what to do for their wedding dance. Howard suggests the dance sequence from Dirty Dancing just as his cell phone rings. It turns out, his space mission is back on – and he’s going into space! Bernadette seems enthusiastic about the prospect, no doubt supporting her man, but Howard is less than thrilled. The logistics of the mission are even more interesting – NASA really wants Howard’s telescope on the space station, so they’re putting him on an earlier mission and it leaves that Friday. The problem? Howard and Bernadette’s wedding is that Sunday! Howard is thrilled to call NASA and tell them that he can’t make it, but Bernadette insists that they simply push the wedding back. Howard does everything he can to convince Bernadette otherwise, but she seems intent on supporting Howard in his “goal.”

Over at the guys’ apartment,<!–nextpage–> Sheldon and Leonard are playing a very interesting game of chess. I can’t even begin to understand it. As they play, Sheldon seems distracted, and asks Leonard if he can ask him a question about girls. Leonard tries to beg off, reminding Sheldon that he gave him “that book” last year, and it should have been enough. Sheldon confesses that the book gave him nightmares. So – it turns out that Sheldon’s problem is that Amy is trying to increase his feelings for her by making him happy. The horror! She’s gone out of her way to do things she knows Sheldon will enjoy, and it turns out her efforts had “made him feel affectionate to her at random times.”

Howard heads over to Bernadette’s parent’s house to speak with her father “mano-y-mano” about postponing the wedding. Bernadette thinks that he is going to ask to postpone it, but Howard is banking on the fact that Bernadette’s father will force him to cancel the NASA trip. Unfortunately, Bernadette’s father seems as if he has no intention of letting Howard cancel the wedding. In fact, when he first met Howard he didn’t like him, and these feelings did not get better as they spent more time together, but when he heard about the NASA trip, he reconsidered Howard and decided that he was the right guy for his little girl. Bernadette’s father feels that Howard cannot miss out on an opportunity like this, he needs to go up to the space station and make him proud. Howard finally decides to “level” with Bernadette’s father, telling him that he’s nervous about going into space. “What if I don’t make it back,” Howard asks. To which Bernadette’s father responds, “It’ll be okay, son. A pretty girl like Bernadette… she’ll find another guy.”

Back at the apartment building, Penny and Leonard run into each other in the hall. Things are sufficiently awkward, as Penny is rushing out to work. Leonard points out that Penny never answered his proposal. She walks over to him, kisses him, and says “no.” Leonard then asks a couple of follow-up questions: are they still dating (yes), is it awkward that he proposed (yes). When Leonard walks into the apartment, he finds Amy and Sheldon playing doctor… Star Trek style. Sheldon proclaims that he is in hell, though when Amy stops … doing whatever it is she’s doing (nothing naughty) … Sheldon tells her not to stop. Weird.

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  1. William Egleston

    April 17, 2013 at 12:16 am

    The gas that Leonard and Penny inhale is called Sulfur hexafluoride, and I LOVE THAT EPISODE!!!

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