LOST Actor Matthew Fox Arrested For DUI

By on May 7, 2012

Actor Matthew Fox, who rose to fame on the hit tv-series Lost, was arrested early this morning on suspicion of a DUI.

Fox was apparently heading out to get a late-night snack when he was stopped by police officers at 3:23 am in Oregon, where he resides with his family. According to police, there were passengers in Fox’s car at the time of his arrest.

This latest arrest follows an incident late last summer when Fox was arrested after allegations were made that he assaulted a female bus driver. According to the bus driver, after she ordered Fox to not board the bus because she believed he was drunk, he became enraged and punched her in her leg, arm, breast, and… other more sensitive areas.

Fox counter-sued, saying the woman was lying, and that she attacked him, unprovoked. He also claimed that due to her allegations, she had affected his reputation and therefore his ability to gain work.


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