Private Practice Recap 5/1/12 Season 5 Ep. 21

By on May 1, 2012

Now that Addison has baby Henry on “Private Practice” none of the other drama in her life seems important. However, Amelia will soon have to forgive her after discovering that the son she is carrying has no brain. If you missed any of last week’s episode, check it out right here.

Tonight, Amelia will hopefully continue taking care of her body and baby so that she can donate his organs after he is delivered. Mason still is not talking but Charlotte seems to be helping with that, despite Cooper’s frustration. And finally, Addison helps a woman who is an illegal immigrant trying to induce her own labor so that she can be a U.S. citizen.

Violet and Pete decide to have a date night, despite Violet’s resistance to the idea. Meanwhile, Addison cannot find a sitter for Henry on her first day back at work so Sam takes over until the supposed nanny arrives.

Mason won’t listen to his father while he will listen to Charlotte; she’s still bitter at the thought that Cooper would not acknowledge her as his “mom.” In the ER, a pregnant woman, Raina comes in after attempting to induce her own labor. She admits that she did it because she is being deported but wants her baby to stay in the US and have a life.

She is only 35 weeks pregnant and the baby will end up in the system; morally, what to do. Amelia is feeling huge but seems like she is just ready to deliver her child so she can help other kids. The hope is that she will deliver naturally but she can always be induced and she only can talk to Jake about her plans.

Addison goes to thank Sam for taking care of Henry but he dismisses her. Cooper is with a ten-year old female patient who is getting frustrated with her parents denial about her being transgendered. Did not expect that twist at all; assumed she was a victim of Munchausen’s.

Melody may have Gender Identity Disorder and Violet now needs to step in and counsel her so that she won’t turn to self-harm. Addison is also looking to Violet for help when it comes to inducing the woman from El Salvador.

Violet has her own issues because she still wants to try couple’s counseling and hates that Pete just wants to brush the problems under the rug. Cooper and Charlotte are fighting over Mason but she finally lays down the law and tells COOPER to grow up.

Addison goes to see Jake to check on Amelia, unaware that he is her treating doctor. He will not reveal what she is going through and tells Addison to talk to Amelia herself.

When it comes to deportation, Pete has been to the town in El Salvador from which the immigrated lady is from. He helped set up a clinic there and is shocked to discover that all his hard work has now turned in to a vacant building. If there was any other choice, the mother would go for it but she is running out of time and options.

Sam is venting to Pete about having to baby-sit for Henry despite the fact that he volunteered. The pain-in-the-ass look is not working for Sam at this point. Meanwhile, Pete is hurting over the clinic closing in El Salvador.

Addison wants to do whatever she can so that no baby will be separated from their mom but Pete reminds her that it’s not her fault. I think that this lady may be her new nanny. Cooper and Violet sit down with Melody’s parents to talk about GID and possible medications to stop puberty. The parents are in absolute denial though this is a serious issue.

Violet and Pete are out to dinner rehashing their dysfunctional past together. One thing they do not lack is passion and it’s great when Violet finally shuts up and just gives in! Mason still won’t give in to Cooper and it’s frustrating him to no end, especially when Charlotte is the only one who can reason with him.

Immigration is at the hospital when Addison arrives and she decides that she will induce Raina’s labor. Amelia is dealing with the fact that she believes her son kicked and runs to Jake for answers.

Melody sneaks off to see Cooper and Violet while her parents think that she is at school. She feels that he is taking all his frustration with Mason out on helping Melody and he knows that they need to help her.

Melody is curious about the drugs that can halt puberty to give her a chance to figure out who she really is. All she does is dream about being a boy, her mom lays out girlie clothes for her and they end up fighting. She hates pretending all the time that she is a girl when she truly feels like she is a boy.

While sitting together, Charlotte shows up with Mason; Melody asks what’s wrong with him and he says his mom died. Melody says that she is a boy but no one believes her so Mason asks her to come play. Very tender moment.

Raina delivers her healthy baby boy and wants to hold him for as long as she can. Addison and Charlotte decide that Raina is not well enough to move yet so she gets to be with her baby longer.

Cooper is so happy to see Mason finally opening up to Melody when her parents arrive and are determined to keep Melody a girl. Violet firmly believes that Melody has GID; the father wants to help, the mother wants to cause drama. Mason stands up for Melody when her mom yells at her and tries to storm off.

Violet lets Melody’s parents know that they will help them along the way so that she can transition into the person she was meant to be. Her father agrees. But now Vi has to deal with her relationship with Pete and where it is going.

Addison tries to reason with Raina about keeping her baby; Pete offers to go back to El Salvador with her to help sort everything out. Pete shows up to see Violet to let her know that he is leaving for a little while. Is he running away from his problems to go to a new one?

Vi begs him to stay while Addison wants to tell Amelia that she is amazing and that she will always be there for her. Her chat is interrupted when she is called in to the baby area and learns that Raina has run away with her son.

Things are finally better at home with Cooper, Charlotte and Mason and it looks like a happy family is in the works. When Addison returns home, she cannot find Henry or the nanny, panic mode. She goes outside to see Sam with the baby and it shows he does still love her and have a heart.

Amelia is ready to sign the baby transplant consent forms though it is a tad early. Jake lets her know that she can wait until he is born to decide, hold him til he’s fully passed but she breaks down. She does not have the strength to wait.

Addison finalizes with nurture overrides nature and how much Henry loves her. Next week, there is an ethical battle with a patient’s life and Pete comes under fire.



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